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Ask Maxwell: Best Halloween Candy … Like, Ever?Play
What’s the best Halloween candy out there, hands down?EllieDear Ellie,I love you! You handed me a softball of a question and one that I KNEW I COULD ACE. Here you go (from a few good sources):Chupa Chups Lollipops or Airheads, but NOT DumDums! Lollipops are VERY POPULAR again.. Skittles in fun size bags — ALWAYS a fave….
Oct 18, 2021
Here’s Where to Get the Best Deals on Halloween CandyEat
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Oct 17, 2021
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The Nostalgic Cookie Cake Kids and Adults Won’t be Able to Get Enough ofEat
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The Single Best Thing to Buy at Costco This Summer If You Have KidsEat
While it’s my duty as Kitchn’s Unofficial Costco Critic to peruse the wide warehouse aisles in search of the best deals, hottest new products, and just-for-fun bulk buys, it’s also my pleasure. On a recent visit, I spotted the single best product I’ve seen all year for parents — and I can’t keep it to myself any longer. The best thing parents can buy right now at Costco is The Ice Cream Party Box.Find it in stores: The Ice Cream Party Box, $17.
Jul 30, 2021
The 3-Ingredient Summer Dessert My Kid Can’t Get Enough ofEat
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. Growing up, my mother would make an intense, many-layered strawberry trifle for every summer event, held together by vanilla pudding.
Jun 26, 2021
The Easiest and Sweetest Summer Hosting Idea (Especially for Families)Eat
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. Helloooooo, summer! ‘Tis the season for non-cooked dinners and sweet, cold desserts. Now that we can safely gather with other folks who’ve been vaccinated, my friends and I kicked off the hot weather with a collaborative dinner. They brought a beautiful salad and we made beef tartare.
Jun 7, 2021
The Magic Chocolate Chip Banana Cake I Couldn’t Get Enough of as a New ParentEat
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. My biggest adjustment in those first days motherhood, the moment I realized that my life was forever changed — was our first meal at home as a family. Our friends had come over, lugging enough Vietnamese takeout to feed us for a week. I was ravenous.
Jun 5, 2021
The Adorable Mother’s Day Cake That’s Even Better Than a Hand-Drawn CardEat
I enjoy baking with my 4-year-old, but as most parents know it’s not exactly a relaxing endeavor. Kids need a lot of supervision, and things can get unbelievably chaotic. It’s the real definition of stress baking. Then, I discovered food markers, which have become such a great way to work on baking projects with my 4-year-old.
May 4, 2021
9 Easy Mug Cake Recipes for Every Kind of Celebration (Big and Small!)Eat
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. The little milestones in our kids’ lives — like hitting their first baseball, reciting a poem on stage, providing a random act of kindness, or conquering a fear — are moments that deserve to be celebrated.
Apr 28, 2021
Ooey Gooey Indoor S’moresEat
Nothing screams outdoor magic the way making s’mores does. For me, s’mores evoke memories of camping and beach bonfires, where we’d stick marshmallows onto unwound wire hangers and thrust them into the flames. I’m known to burn mine until it looks like a little lump of coal, then quickly add the chocolate and graham crackers to hold the ooey gooey mess together. The hardest part is waiting patiently for it to cool, so as not to blister your mouth with the molten mallow.
Feb 16, 2021
10 Mega-Cute, Totally Easy Valentine’s Day Treats Anyone Can MakeEat
Whether you’re a big-time romantic or you use February 14th as an excuse to pamper your little ones, nothing is sweeter than homemade Valentine’s Day treats. We surveyed the most classic Valentine’s treats we remembered from our own childhoods, dreamed up a few new ideas, and created this list of 10 mega-cute, totally easy Valentine’s treat recipes absolutely anyone can make.
Feb 3, 2021
The Buttery Soft Confetti Cookie Recipe I’ve Baked 20+ TimesEat
At our sister site, Kitchn, our editors develop and debut brand-new recipes on the site every single week. But at home, we also have our own tried-and-true dishes that we make over and over again—because quite simply? We love them. And we decided to start sharing some of our absolute favorites with you. Here’s a peek into what we’re cooking and eating in our own kitchens. Homemade cookies are a regular occurrence at my house.
Jan 14, 2021
How To Make Rolled Ice Cream at Home (No Fancy Equipment Required)Eat
Whether you know this frozen dessert as Thai rolled ice cream, stir-fried ice cream, or even marble-top ice cream, its signature look and flavor are the same: Rolled tubes of sweet, milky, almost-chewy ice cream presented in a small cup with plenty of whipped cream and garnishes. Places that sell rolled ice cream make it on super-chilled flat tops or marble slabs specifically designed for rapidly chilling an ice cream base.
Dec 17, 2020
These Air Fryer Donuts Are Magically Easy to MakeEat
Love donuts, hate deep-frying? Same. Luckily, there’s a way to get around that. In fact, this method is so easy, and it uses an appliance we’ve come to love (and know that many parents love too). If you aren’t currently the proud owner of an air fryer, let this be the recipe that convinces you to buy one. (Here’s a list of our favorites at a range of price points.
Dec 17, 2020
The 10 Best Holiday Cookies to Bake with KidsEat
As a kid, there were few things more exciting this time of year than the annual tradition of baking holiday cookies with my family. From pressing my fingers into dough to make thumbprint cookies and adding the chocolate kiss to the peanut butter blossoms, to decorating sugar cookies and even pouring the chocolate chips into the bowl, there was always a way for me to get involved.
Dec 7, 2020
The Top 10 Halloween Treats of All Time (and How to Make Them — The Easy Way!)Eat
Even though it looks very different this year, Halloween is here — and secretly, I think it’s the most amazing time for food-lovers and their kids. Why? You get to play with your food! Our collective digital feeds are filled at present with cute spider sandwiches and bat-wing cookies, but this is not a modern phenomenon. For nearly a century, there has been pressure on parents to rise to the occasion of Halloween.
Oct 16, 2020
These Snickerdoodles Are the Best Cookie to Make with Your Kids This FallEat
I’ll be honest with you: Classic snickerdoodles are one of my least favorite cookies. I love their crunchy cinnamon-sugar coating, but I’ve always wanted something more—something to really kick them up a notch. So in an attempt to reimagine the snickerdoodle into a cookie I would actually get excited about, I added an additional layer of flavor to the mix, completely transforming them into a brand-new treat that’s bold, delicious, and unexpected. My secret ingredient?
Oct 12, 2020