Sweet and Salty Potato Chip Krispy Treats Will Be A Slumber Party Hit for Kids

published Mar 23, 2022
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Closeup of different potato chips
Credit: Joe Lingeman

We can always count on TikTok for fun ideas to use even the most standard of ingredients and tools in new and inventive ways, and the season of holiday desserts is no different. From uncrustable donuts to the proper way to slice a cake, there’s always something new to learn from the popular app. 

The latest TikTok post to get our attention, however, is speaking to us on a whole other level, because it appeals to two of our most distinct flavor attractions: sweet and salty!

The TikTok video posted by @sweetafternoon explains how to make what we’re calling Chip Krispy Treats and, honestly, it’s the savory spin on a childhood favorite you probably never thought of. The short video begins with @sweetafternoon adding butter and then marshmallows to a hot skillet, followed by what looks like vanilla. The marshmallows and the butter all melt together, and so far everything is looking like a fairly traditional holiday season sweet dessert. But that’s where things get a bit salty. A bag of Ruffles potato chips is added and gently folded into the marshmallow mixture. 

What has become a sweet and salty blend of crispy, gooey goodness is looking rather interesting now. The mixture is poured onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and spread out into an even layer before being sliced into squares.

The result looks somewhat similar to a large Rice Krispies treat, and obviously has some similarities — the mixture of crunch and sweet — but with a salty element we can’t help but find intriguing.

Salty and sweet is often a winning combination, as seen here in these irresistible Salty Sweet Snack Drawer Bars, and we’re excited to try it in this new spin that’s perfect for the holiday season.

If this doesn’t happen to be a snack that you’re willing to try, you can always check out other things that TikTok taught us to find something useful to bring into the new year.