My Kids Fell Asleep to This Machine Every Night for A Good 7 Years

published Sep 28, 2022
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A graphic featuring photos of a white noise machine by Yogasleep.
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A good white noise machine makes you forget it’s even there. It’s all soothing, swishing sound, soft enough to encourage sleep but loud enough to block all noise outside the bedroom door. Seven years ago I happened to buy the gold standard of white noise machines for my daughter’s room, although I didn’t know it at the time. Fast-forward to this year and this sound machine which was still working! had become as much a part of our kids’ nighttime routine as brushing their teeth.

There are a few reasons Yogasleep’s Dohm Classic Original White Noise Machine (whew, is that a mouthful to say!) has absolutely paid for itself over and over again.

  • The white noise is just right, truly. This is not your nature sounds or raindrops or ocean waves; this is straight-up whooshing fan white noise, which is, as the product description so aptly says, “a collection of sounds that has the same intensity through the audible range, creating a uniform sound perfect for masking loud disruptions. In other words, white noise ‘smooths’ out your audible environment for sleeping, studying, focusing, and more!” And boy, does it ever. The first four years we had this machine we lived in a small, 2-bedroom apartment and the Dohm, when turned on in my daughter’s room, successfully muted all conversation, music, and TV sounds coming from the next room over. It felt like the whole room had a blanket set over it.
  • The tone and volume is adjustable. You can adjust the tone of the white noise by twisting the top of the machine, so you can really fine-tune the sound and find the frequency that’s most comfortable. The button on the machine adjusts the volume to high or low. Most nights we set it on low but would turn it to the high setting when we had friends over and needed to block out louder conversation and more movement in the apartment!
  • It helped my kids fall asleep. I was a big believer in sleep routines (scheduled naps and a set bedtime) when my kids were really little still am, really! and this white noise machine was a major part of that. The last thing we did before leaving the room at sleep times was to turn on the machine, and it became, along with blackout blinds and a song, a signal to our kids that it was time to sleep. Of course, that’s just our personal experience and all kids are different, but if you’re attempting a sleep routine of sorts with your children, a white noise machine is an excellent thing to consider.
  • It’s so good I bought two. Even though the original one never broke, when my second daughter was born and her crib was in our bedroom, I bought a second Dohm to keep in our room. Once she moved in with her bigger sister, that second one became our traveling white noise machine. I packed it for every trip unless I forgot, and then everyone was very, very sad.

We recently moved into a more spacious house where it’s not as necessary to blanket every external sound, so four months ago we finally stopped using this white noise machine. But I still have it in my kids’ room, ready to flip on if there’s a loud thunderstorm or if my husband and I have a raucous dinner party downstairs. (Hasn’t happened yet, but here’s hoping!)

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