This $20 Amazon Product is One of the Best Purchases I’ve Made for My Kid’s Room

published Jul 26, 2022
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Graphic showing a beanbag chair zipped open with stuffed animals stored inside and the product zipped up in beanbag form.
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Clutter and I don’t get along very well. Like many other parents I know, it drains my energy and zaps my focus. Sometimes, I don’t even realize why I’m in a bad mood, but as soon as I tidy up, it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

It goes without saying that kids create clutter. It’s the best kind of clutter; the kind that means they’re learning and making memories and having fun. But at the end of the day, it’s still clutter, and it still bothers me. 

After I had my first baby just over four years ago, the clutter seemed manageable at first. Then her first Christmas came, and our living room seemed to explode with toys overnight. The modestly-sized toy box her grandad gave her wasn’t going to cut it. 

Then, I came across a product that is still a staple in her bedroom today.

The Stuffed Animal Beanbag Chair

While my friends gripe about stuffed animals all over their kids’ rooms, I often forget my daughter even has stuffed animals, save for the few she keeps on her bed. That’s because all of her stuffed animals are safely stored in a new and improved version of the bean bag chair I had in my bedroom in the 90s: the stuffed animal beanbag chair. Inside the bag, her stuffed animals double as comfy furniture. It’s a cozy place for her to read books, and we’ve even used it as a soft landing when she was learning to sleep in a big girl bed. 

Her bean bag chair currently holds 30+ stuffed animals with room to spare, and it matches beautifully with her room decor. It comes in a wide variety of styles, so it wasn’t hard to find a print we liked. The bag is made of a nice, thick canvas that holds up well to playing and everyday use. Almost four years later, it’s still in great shape. 

Another thing I like about the bag is that it helps keep allergens at bay. When I was a kid and was diagnosed with asthma, my overabundance of stuffed animals was a concern. My mom had to wash them regularly, and she often put my favorites in the freezer to kill dust mites. I like knowing that my daughter doesn’t have dozens of dust mite collectors lying all over her bedroom. 

My twin boys are only five months old, but you can bet they’ll have their own stuffed animal bean bag chairs by the time they turn one. It’s one of the easiest ways to take a bedroom from disaster to relatively clean in a matter of minutes. 

Let’s be honest, our house is still full of clutter and toys. Three kids live here. The bean bag chair doesn’t fix everything, but given the chance, I would spend that $20 every time. 

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