This Is My Favorite Gift to Give Kids of Any Age

published Sep 21, 2022
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Choosing gifts for children can be very challenging, especially if they are not YOURS, which is why I’m particularly proud of having stumbled into the GREATEST KID GIFT OF ALL TIME a number of years ago, which just keeps putting smiles on young faces.

It was about seven years ago during the winter holidays that I was walking into our office building in SoHo and the lobby was completely transformed with decorations, the most notable of which were all the stars gently moving across the ceiling. I had never seen anything like this before. It was SO cool. It wasn’t immediately obvious what was producing all these stars, but I soon found that it was a very compact laser gadget that was sitting on the front desk. Since my daughter had always loved sleeping with a nightlight, I thought this would be an AWESOME nightlight and it became a Christmas present to her that year. SHE LOVED IT and over the years we’ve had about three as she uses it every night and we’ve upgraded.

There are a few different versions. I originally bought the Laser Twilight Star Projector, but moved on to this one, which I think is better and longer lasting, BlissLights Sky Lite. They all do basically the same thing, which is to fill your room with sharp little green stars that gently drift against a blue nebula cloud. You can turn the nebula off if you wish and adjust the brightness of the whole rig. It’s a lovely way to put a gentle glow into a bedroom and slowly drifting stars are great for putting kids to sleep.

But here’s the best thing about this gadget. When Ursula was seven she loved it as a nightlight, but now that she’s about to turn 16 she STILL LOVES IT because it’s now a cool teenage ambient light show. It’s the ONLY thing that has appealed to her at all ages, and that I didn’t expect. Consider this the gift that keeps giving. 🙂

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