This Is My Favorite Lamp for a Kid’s Room — And It’s 20% Off Right Now!

updated Mar 6, 2024
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Hay large table lamp shown in color lavender, set up and in box packaging.
Credit: Hay

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Two years ago, when I went shopping for desk lamps for my girls, I was looking for something a little fun and whimsical but not too cutesy; easy to operate, good task lighting, but with a little something extra. I found it in HAY’s pleated Matin table lamp, which is, simply put, a fantastic little lamp. Here’s why I want to put one in every room of my house.

Credit: HAY

First things first: this table lamp looks like a little umbrella, and I am here for it.

Now on to all the other reasons I love this lamp:

  1. The color options are excellent and full of personality. We have the lavender, but I was very tempted by the green and bright red. It’s so nice to see color options that go beyond the pastel tones so commonly seen in kids’ room products.
  2. It has a tiny footprint. The lamp has a steel wire bent frame, which means it takes up practically no space on the desk. You can easily put things within its frame, if you want, so no wasting precious desk space on a bulky lamp base!
  3. The light is both warm and diffused, but also focused enough for desk work. Most task lights are super bright and focused, as expected, and thus not great at ambient lighting. The Matin lamp manages to be both: the wide pleated shade gives off a soft glow while also focusing light downward where and when it’s needed.
  4. The inline dimmer switch has three brightness settings. The switch is super easy for kids to reach and operate. Plus, the integrated LED has a 25,000 hour lifespan.
  5. It’s not just a kids’ lamp. This is perhaps my favorite feature. For the last few years we’ve used the lamps as kid desk lamps, but we recently moved them to the nightstand to serve as reading lights. I’ve even threatened to steal one for my room. Or the credenza in the living room. Or maybe beside the piano! The point is … this lamp can easily live in any room of the house.
  6. NEW! Now you can get the Hay Matin lamps with Liberty fabric shades. Dream!
Credit: Cambria Bold

The photo above, which was taken sometime in 2020, shows the lamps on my girls’ desks. This was our setup for about two years.

Credit: Cambria Bold

We recently moved into a new house, and just last week moved the lamps to the dresser-slash-nightstand to serve as a reading light. And we love it there, too! Next stop: my office … if the girls will ever let me!

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