Our Kids Love This Magnetic Wall Decal — and We Love that It Doesn’t Take up Floor Space

published Aug 24, 2022
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Magnetic wall decal shown in use by a girl sticking on magnets and shown blank in a playroom next to kids table and chairs.
Credit: Courtesy of MODI MODU

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My wife and I are raising three daughters, ages 7, 5, and 2, in our 750-square-foot NYC apartment, and they LOVE to play. Our three girls share a bedroom, and as much as possible, we’ve tried to maximize the vertical space in their room. The room has a triple bunk bed, a tall wardrobe system, and tall bookshelves to keep more floor space available for living and playing.

We recently added a beautiful and smartly designed Modi Modu magnetic wall decal in their bedroom. The Modi Modu decal is a house-shaped adhesive decal, available in solid pink and solid gray. The decal is designed to be installed vertically, indoors on walls or glass windows. It also doubles as a drawing board with dry erase markers. 

Installing the Decal 

The installation process was very simple and only took a few minutes. According to Modi Modu’s website, the decal may not stick on some wall types, such as textured walls or paint finished like eggshell, semi-gloss, satin, or stain resistant paint. The actual installation process is similar to putting on a cell phone protective cover. It adhered to our wall easily and we were able to reposition as needed, and then we checked our installation carefully before completely smoothing it flat. Once fully installed, we used the edge of a picture book to smooth down the surface, particularly the outside edge. Each decal comes with extra adhesive tapes to secure the edges, but they weren’t necessary for our particular installation.

Why We Love It

The decal immediately added a playful pop of pink to the bedroom without opening a paint can! We hung the decal at their standing height level and it is large enough for all three of our daughters to play with at the same time. This new play element looks like a doll house, adds design interest to their bedroom, and doesn’t take up valuable floor space!

Modi Modu also sells a wooden magnetic playset that can be used on the decal. The wooden magnetic playset includes a total of 256 wooden pieces in 8 different shapes and colors. The magnets easily affix to the decal and remain in place. Our daughters have enjoyed using the straight lined and curved pieces to create pictures, form letters, and create anything their imagination can dream up. Magna-tiles, Clixo, and letter and number magnets are a few other magnetic toys that have worked well on the decal. The Modi Modu decal paired with magnetic toys and dry erase markers have invited hours of open-ended, vertical magnet play. What more could a parent ask for?!

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