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Childhood Story: Orange Pants & The Purple Villain
You mentioned that your father told you Orange Pants stories when you were a kid. What were they like and will you share one?Debra N.Dear Debra,Flattery will get you everywhere :). Of course, I’d love to share the story and thanks for asking. I’ve never written one down before. My father would make them up as he put us to bed and then later on I made them up and told them to my first through third graders at nap time when I was a teacher.
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Ask Maxwell: The Funnest/Funniest Thing I Found This Summer
Hey Maxwell! I know you were on vacation last month. What was the funnest thing you did with your daughter? TroublemakerDear Troublemaker,When I saw your question come in a smile ran across my face — for two reasons! Number one, I was glad you were holding my feet to the fire and putting me on the spot in my own current life, and, number two, I HAVE THE PERFECT ANSWER FOR YOU. This is going to be a very simple and short answer.
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Ask Maxwell: How Can I Help My Daughter to Fall Asleep?
My daughter is in sixth grade, school starts early but has trouble falling asleep at night so she’s exhausted every day. Any recommendations? LucyDear Lucy,I have insomnia myself so I’ve wrestled with this for years. As a kid I used to lay awake in bed and listen to my clock radio for hours before falling asleep.
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Ask Maxwell: How Can I Get My Son Excited About Reading?
My son is nine and not very excited about reading in the way that I was at his age. Do you have any suggestions for getting him going or simply into stories?– RonaldDear Ronald,While I know schools teach reading, I’ve always found that everyone eventually reads and it just COMES when the time is right.
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