Before & After: The 12 Best Kid’s Bedroom Makeovers We’ve Ever Seen

published Jun 30, 2022
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Credit: Lexi Cavazos

When it comes to decorating, a child’s room is one of the most enjoyable projects to take on. There are seemingly no rules—fun themes, bold colors, and whimsical decor all tap into the playfulness of childhood, perfectly suiting the space. 

There’s a real satisfaction to completing these projects, too. Designing a nursery for a baby is often your first chance to “nest” and create a safe space for your child. Revamping an older child’s bedroom often provides the opportunity to find homes for all the clutter kids come with—including toys, stuffed animals, books, you name it.

If you’re embarking on your own kids’ room makeover, use these impressive spaces—and the smart ideas within them—as inspiration for your own project.

Credit: Kate Dreyer
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1. A $74 Accent Wall Transforms This Once-Green Bedroom

In this redo, lime green walls give way to a wallpapered look that can more easily grow with the child. But here’s a secret: Instead of pricey paper, this homeowner used a stencil to create a similar look for much less.

Credit: Lexi Cavazos
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2. A Cheery Nursery Filled with IKEA Hacks

A bland beige space complete with broken blinds looked anything but cheerful enough for a baby. Thanks to a fresh coat of paint, new floors, and some clever IKEA hacks—built-ins and shelvings—make the now light-filled room nearly unrecognizable.

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3. A Fresh Take on Board-and-Batten for This Plain Nursery

While there was nothing inherently wrong with the original space, it just left something to be desired. Thankfully, it was nothing about seven hours of work and 90 Euros couldn’t fix. The sage-colored board and batten wainscoting and wallpaper comes together to create something that looks extremely custom and high-design.

Credit: Hello Lidy
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4. From Pink to Perfect Bedroom Makeover

Even kids may find a room with such blindingly pink walls overstimulating. For something a little more soothing—and much more sophisticated—these homeowners turned to a deep navy shade on the bedroom walls and paired it with plenty of cozy textiles in grays, creams, and complementary blues.

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5. A Bedroom Redo That’ll Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

Whimsical touches, like a tent-inspired bed, wall decals, and a 3D airplane display, turn this once totally uninspired beige room into a special retreat with plenty of visual interest.

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6. A Dramatic, Magical Transformation for This Boring Bedroom

Beds on the floor and toys overflowing from plastic bins made this kids’ room look cluttered, not comfortable. But a fresh coat of deep black paint, canopied beds, faux plants, and even a hidden reading nook turned this bedroom into the “secret garden” the kids wished for.

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7. This Whimsical Bedroom Redo Oozes Cottage Charm

A cheeky color palette and a boho-inspired wallpaper turn a plain sleeping space into a colorful, playful retreat.

8. A $36 Project Turns a Plain Bedroom into a Colorful Wonderland

Kids change their mind with the wind, so for a budget-friendly fix you won’t lament redoing over and over again, take inspiration from this $36 makeover. The once plain blue walls now feature a painted mural inspired that completely transforms the room.

9. A Cozy Cabin Boy’s Bedroom

Plain white walls leave a lot to the imagination, but a simple accent wall can totally change that. Here, floor-to-ceiling wood behind the bed adds warmth and texture that will easily complement whatever decor choices the child makes throughout the years.

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10. A Small, Narrow Bedroom Gets Everything It Needs

At just 5 feet 7 inches wide—less than the length of a typical twin bed—this kids’ room presented some major challenges, but a lofted sleeping space and clever pattern play make the cramped room feel like a haven, not a closet.

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11. A Kid’s Room Goes from DIY Mess to DIY Success

Rather than opt for an overt theme, these homeowners chose to go bold with the design of this kid’s room, leaning on a vivid blue shade for the walls and colorful accents to bring the space to life. Of course, you can still incorporate the child’s interests in ways that are easy to swap out, such as framed prints.

Credit: Abby Liga
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12. A Nursery Goes from Sleepy to Dreamy

A unique, two-tone brush wall effect in a rich and handsome hue adds visual interest to an otherwise ho-hum nursery without going overboard on drama. The best part? This is definitely a look the child can grow with.

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