Ask Maxwell: What Is Your Daughter’s Favorite School Snack?

published Sep 1, 2021
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My son doesn’t like the snacks I pack for him to take to school and it’s demoralizing to me. What’s your daughter’s favorite? Any good ideas?


Dear Shelley,

I will tell you that Ursula is actually — God bless her! — very good at choosing the healthy snack route, though she’s no stranger to ice cream and candy after school and no one’s looking. When I asked her directly what she LOVES, this is what she said. I am quoting:

“Peanut butter and dates, pretzels/carrots/cucumbers with hummus, chips, popcorn, avocado toast, smoothie.”

The very last one — smoothie — is code for something that could well be close to a milk shake, but I didn’t dig in. One of her favorite shops in the whole world is Jamba Juice and the other is — hands down — Starbucks, where she LOVES herself a Dragon Drink so much that she’s tried to make them at home.

But I digress.

My big tip for you this week is a snack that an adult friend got me on to and is super healthy and super addictive and tasty: Cauliflower Bites. I urge you to try them on your son. I would bet 100% that he likes them AND can’t believe that he’s eating cauliflower. 🙂

Best, M

PS. and if you like cooking and MAKING THEM AT HOME — stunning — check out all these recipes on our cooking site, Kitchn.

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