This Colorful Shared Kids’ Room Has Private Spaces and Storage For Days

published Feb 7, 2024
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A child's desk with three shelves and a modern dresser.

When Rowan and Tim Giles renovated their eclectic, Scandinavian-inspired home in Cheshire, United Kingdom, the pair sometimes had to borrow space from rooms to make others larger. For instance, when it came to their son and daughter’s shared bedroom, they needed to steal a bit of space to create a family bathroom. 

However, they still found ways to make the already large bedroom (193-square-feet!) feel even more spacious without the lost space. With a mix of DIY projects and contractors’ help, they could give their 8-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son their private spaces, storage, and personalization. 

One way Tim accomplished this was by building a bunk bed and shelves for each kid. “My husband made the kids’ bunk beds, and they’ve slept there since they were tiny,” Rowan shared at the time of the home tour. “They have their own shelf and reading light by each bunk. It feels so unique.” 

Built-in storage also helps make the space feel more expansive. “We have a really long bench along one side of the room with a cushion on it. Underneath, there are drawers large enough for big toys and board games,” Rowan explained at the time of the home tour. “Storage is everything in kids’ rooms.” 

It seems as though decorating the kids’ room was a family affair. Tim’s mother handcrafted the cushion for the bench and the curtains using IKEA fabric. The couple did all of the decorating in the room. Between decorating the space and knocking down walls, the couple spent just over $6,000 to finish the space. 

“It’s huge,” Rowan shared about her favorite part of the room. “There is a large bay window and also a beautiful, curved sash window. It gets loads of sun.”

But the kids’ bedroom isn’t the only room transformed in their home. To see more of their splendid space, visit the full home tour on Apartment Therapy. 

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  • Curtains — IKEA
  • Built in bench made — Glen Horne Carpentry
  • Bunkbed and shelves — DIY 
  • Prints — Marta Badblay
  • Desk and chair — Dunelm

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