This Colorful Kids’ Bedroom Has the *Most Incredible* DIY Bunk Bed

published Nov 15, 2023
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Credit: Emy Stenudd

Sometimes, a good social media scroll is what it takes to find dreamy kids’ bedroom inspiration. That’s what happened when Emy Stenudd was browsing Instagram for design ideas for her two sons, Kian and Vincent’s, bedroom in their colorful, maximalist home in Sweden

“I saw a kid’s bunk bed that was made with a staircase on Instagram and told my husband, ‘That is what I want,’” Stenudd wrote at the time of the house tour. “So, he asked me to do a sketch, and here we are!”

Credit: Emy Stenudd

Stenudd and her husband, Joakim Johansson, are the perfect DIY team — she finds inspiration and draws sketches while he transforms her ideas into reality. They had a shared goal for the room, to turn it into “a space for them to be in when they have friends over or want to be alone,” she shared at the time of the house tour. “All their stuff is in there, and they can feel free to do whatever they want. And they sleep in there as well!” 

So, the pair set out to create color-blocking, happy DIY bunk beds for their sons (and the cat that sleeps with the boys as well!). There were two small closets initially in the space, but the parents decided to remove them to make more room for the sleeping areas.

Along one wall, two bunk bed structures are situated with a set of stairs in the middle connecting them. If you climb the stairs, there are two sleeping areas on either side for Kian and Vincent. Initially, the couple toyed with the idea of putting one child on the top and one on the bottom — but to make it fair, they put both kids’ beds on the top. 

Credit: Emy Stenudd

That decision made way for a great bottom bunk area. On the right side, there are storage closets. Alternatively, on the left side, there’s a cushioned reading nook with walls adorned with a bookshelf and string lights. What makes the space even happier is the paint colors, which are Jotun’s “Natural Blue” and Alcro’s “Fevik 711” and “Burnt Sienna 11.”

Credit: Emy Stenudd

“Every night, we sit in the daybed underneath their bunk beds and read nightstories,” Stenudd wrote at the time of the house tour. “That’s a nice memory to have when they are older and don’t like to be with me in the same way anymore!” 

Credit: Emy Stenudd

While Stenudd’s favorite part about the room is the memory-making spaces, her boys have their own, too. For Kian, it’s the window, which he looks through to see if his friend is home and displays his cactus. Meanwhile, Vincent’s favorite part is his desk, where he can play video games, and the cabinet that’s home to his radio cars.

Vincent and Kian’s bedroom is just one of many colorful, happy spaces in Stenudd’s home. Explore more of this home in the full house tour on Apartment Therapy. 

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