These Bright Green Built-in Bunk Beds Are Entirely DIY, and We Are Very Impressed

published Jun 27, 2023
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Colorful kids bedroom with custom bunk beds. Butterfly wallpaper lines the room.
Credit: Erin Derby

If your kids share a bedroom, it’s natural to want to get creative when designing the split space. In a communal room it’s important to consider privacy and carve out nooks where kids can express their individuality. 

One furniture choice that achieves these goals are bunk beds. The beauty of bunk beds is that they take up less room than traditional beds (see these Murphy bunk beds, for instance!), give your kids privacy, and bestow space to express themselves (think: photos on the wall or a special blanket).  

It’s one thing to purchase a bunk bed (and there are many to choose from — here are Cubby’s favorite bunk beds), but it’s another thing to build it yourself. That’s what designer Charlotte Smith, who renovated her colorful Connecticut home, did in her daughters’ shared bedroom. 

“The bunk beds are the biggest DIY that I’ve tackled to date, both literally and emotionally,” Smith said at the time of her house tour. 

Credit: Erin Derby

1. She consulted with her daughters before building their bunk beds. 

Smith’s daughters had bunk beds before, but their bare-bones design, which was white and had open railings, offered a lot less privacy. “They have to share a room and were griping about their old bunk bed,” Smith shared during her house tour. 

After speaking with her daughters, Smith designed a new bunk bed with clean lines, curtains for privacy, and nooks inside their bunks to store items.

Credit: Erin Derby

2. After brainstorming the bunk beds, it was time to start building. 

At the beginning of the construction process, Smith worked with a friend to ensure the bunk beds were structurally sound. Once their foundation was secured, the building process was easier for Smith. 

“It was just like any piece of furniture,” Smith shared at the time of her house tour. “I mapped it out and measured and re-measured and made the wrong cuts and went and made more cuts and bought more plywood.” 

The final result is stunning. Not only does each bunk have built-in storage areas and sconces, but it also has stairs and is painted bright green to complement the butterfly wallpaper. Smith admits that her daughters still want their own rooms, but are so happy about their bunk beds. 

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