5 Murphy Bunk Beds for Small Shared Kids’ Rooms

published Mar 20, 2023
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Murphy Beds That’ll Help You Make The Most Out of Your Wayfair
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Outfitting your kid’s bedroom with the right furniture is a feat of its own — toss in a limited amount of square footage and that’s when you really need to throw on your thinking cap. Traditionally, one of the most popular ways to make the most of a small sleeping space is with a wall bed, better known as a murphy bed. Not only do these beds fold up nicely when not in use, but a good murphy bed can also make a cramped bedroom feel downright palatial in just a few seconds.

But what if you’re looking not for one bed, but two? That’s where the murphy bunk bed comes in. Yep, you read that right. Casually concealing two twin-sized bunks, murphy bunk beds are a fantastic space-saving solution, but they’re not the easiest pieces to find. That’s why we did the searching for you!

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Sleek and stylish, the Compatto bed is a great pick for anyone looking for a simple, to-the-point bed. Made in Italy, it comes with two mattresses and a ladder for a quick, ready-to-use- setup. The top bunk also has the ability to tilt down when changing sheets, which makes it so much easier to make the bed!

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Looking for something customizable? Then the Hover Bed is made with an easy open smooth piston system. It comes in two finishes, glossy and matte white, and the matte white is paintable! It also has bendable headboards, safety sideboards, and optional included mattress.

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For a really inconspicuous find, consider this murphy bunk bed from VVR Homes. Featuring a modern, minimalist design, the outside of this system has four handles that are both stylish and functional, making this bed easy to open and designed to look like a set of stacked cabinets. Not feeling the white? It also comes in light gray, dark gray, and oak.

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The Amore murphy bunk bed takes functionality to a new level thanks to an included desk. The bed folds up to reveal an easy-to-fold-down desk perfect for everything from study sessions to craft time. It also comes equipped with two mattresses, a ladder, and a fabric safety side rail as well as added depth on the inside of the bunk for storage and LED lighting.

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While most murphy bunk beds feature a horizontal design, this pick switches things up with a vertical design. At first glance, this setup will look like any old cabinet, but swing open the doors and you'll find two bunks that can be lowered down and locked in place with a dual-purpose ladder that also acts as structural support. With 11 finishes to choose from, this Italian beauty can truly work in any space.

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