The Best Toddler Bed Mattresses

published Jan 18, 2023
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One of the mantras I’ve always lived by is that you are either in your bed or your shoes, so choose the best for both. This has definitely spilled over into my parenting decisions; I did a ton of research on the right kid’s shoes, and just as much on her crib and mattress as my own bed. Toddlerhood is a time of so much transition, which can be challenging, emotional, and exciting for you and your little one. Maybe you’re ready to take the side off the crib, maybe you’re going for a separate toddler bed, or maybe you’re going right to a big kid bed! Whatever you choose, you know your child needs a different sleep setup than before.

Did you know that toddler beds and mattresses are the same dimensions as a crib? Many of our toddler bed mattress picks are called crib mattresses, but they’re double-sided versions — i.e. a firm side for babies and a softer side for toddlers — that can take your child seamlessly from the crib to the toddler bed. If you’re shopping for toddler bedding, you can choose crib sheets if you like, but when you’re shopping for a mattress, pay attention to the age its designed for so your little one gets the right level of firmness. (And if you’re looking to plan even further ahead, check out our guide to the best twin mattresses for kids.)

Keep in mind that while crib mattresses come in a range of prices, they have a lot of safety hoops to jump through, so if a higher priced one has some features you like, go for it, but the ones on the lower end will still offer safety for your little one. 

Here are 10 standout options that will have your toddler (and you) on the way to sweet dreams.

The Best Toddler Bed Mattresses

1 / 10
Pottery Barn Kids

This two-in-one mattress offers GREENGUARD Gold certification and a waterproof cover for those inevitable nighttime leaks. One of my favorite features of this mattress is the weight—7lbs, which makes it easy to lift and change the sheets, even in the middle of the night (why is it always in the middle of the night?) Another feature I like is the absence of latex and soy—which can be sneaky allergens for some.

2 / 10
Pottery Barn Kids

This double-sided mattress is made with organic cotton for a soft sleepytime spot. It’s 11 pounds, which is still on the lighter side and is made without latex and soy (common allergens). It’s waterproof and meets flammability standards without a bunch of chemicals—this one is also GREENGUARD Gold certified.

3 / 10

I love Babyletto for their stylish, minimal crib design, but they also produce thoughtful crib-sized mattresses perfect for a toddler bed. Though they offer several options, I like this hybrid cover for a waterproof backing with a cotton topper to keep your little one dry and cozy. This is another two-sided design with a slightly softer toddler side. It’s also dust mite resistant—no additional cover required.

4 / 10

This parent and expert favorite is made with antimicrobial organic cotton, organic wool, and a chemical-free flame barrier. The cover is washable and waterproof. You’ll find an extra firm baby side and a comfy toddler side—plus they make a youth version to get you through the pre-teen years.

5 / 10
Newton Baby

Newton has several versions of their mattress available, but as a person in the toddler trenches, I’m all about the one with the waterproof backing on the cover. This is also a two-stage mattress and has a breathable design that is intended to help promote safer sleep. It’s GREENGUARD gold certified and, like all their mattresses, the cover is fully washable, meaning you don’t have to buy extra mattress pads (unless you want a backup).

6 / 10

You might recognize this brand from your own mattress research, but they also have smaller versions for your little ones. There are a few crib mattress options here, but I like this one for the dual-sided design and organic certification. It’s made with cotton, wool, and latex—all organic, for the natural approach to softness, breathability and sustainability.

7 / 10

If you trusted Halo for your sleepsacks, swaddles, or bassinet (or even if you didn’t), you might want to check out this crib mattress from the brand that’s all about safe, comfortable sleep. It offers a mesh cover for maximum airflow and the toddler side has a waterproof component to keep the bed dry. This mattress is made without foam, latex, springs, glue, or added flame retardants and the cover is washable.

8 / 10

If you’re looking for a foam mattress, this is a great one—the toddler side is the first to have breathable, cooling memory foam, for total comfort all night long, especially if your little one runs hot like mine, or if you’re in a warmer climate. The interior is plant-based soy foam and the cover is water and stain-resistant.

9 / 10

You might know Nook for their signature pebbled mattresses in all sizes—this updated version of their classic crib mattress is organic and plant-based (coconut fibers help make the baby side more firm, while rubber tree latex adds softness to the toddler side).

10 / 10
Modern Nursery

I love Brooklyn-based Oeuf for their sleek, simple style and this crib mattress doesn’t disappoint. It has a 100% organic cotton cover, cotton batting and plant-based foam and has a two-sided design.

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