8 Toddler Floor Beds That’ll Encourage Little Kids to Sleep When They Need To

published Jul 25, 2022
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Sprout Kids Toddler Montessori Floor Bed with checkered quilt
Credit: Sprout Kids

My family’s first foray into the world of Montessori was one of those illuminating, mind-altering experiences that stays with you for a lifetime. Though it was several years back, I can still remember observing my preschooler’s classroom in those first weeks with the same wide-eyed bewilderment one might bring to a circus performance. At the time, watching little ones wash dishes and prepare food seemed no less daring, no less bizarre than taming a lion or swinging from a trapeze. 

But it’s this focus on fostering independence that makes the Montessori method such an empowering approach for kids and parents alike. Guided by this philosophy, kids learn practical life skills that have them flexing a measure of freedom during meals, grooming, play—and yes, even sleep. How does that last one work? Enter the floor bed. 

Why is a toddler floor bed and why might you want one?

For all practical purposes, a floor bed is just what it claims to be: a bed placed on the floor. Unlike more traditional big kids beds, a toddler floor bed encourages bodily autonomy, allowing young children to regulate their own sleep by climbing into their bed when they’re tired enough to rest. The key here is to ensure a kid-safe room for them to roam in. 

For anyone looking for a bit more polish than simply setting out a mattress (which is totally permissible too, by the way), we have eight adorable selections that will make you wish that you, too, could doze off on the floor.

8 Beautiful Toddler Floor Beds

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Sprout Kids

This toddler floor bed from Sprout was crafted with busy parents in mind. Let’s start with the smallest details: this item promises a 15-minute, no-tools-needed assembly (sold!). It features rounded edges for extra safety to help mitigate any painful bumps in the night. And the most valuable feature of all? It transitions from a floor bed to a standard toddler bed with a few minor adjustments, extending the life of your purchase.

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Modern Nursery

When it comes to floor beds, adorable house frames are prolific. This one, made from cedar, has all the darling features of any other on the market, with one important distinction: a guard rail to help keep your little one in place while they sleep. When your child outgrows the bed, transform the frame into a playhouse to really get your money’s worth!

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Billed as a “Scandinavian transition bed,” this minimalist design is made to ease little ones out of the crib and into their big kid beds. This bed frame acts as a blank slate, calling for whimsical accouterments—string lights, faux blooms, even a canopy—so that kids can really make it feel like home.

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For any parent who has ever purchased a mattress that’s just a hair off from standard sizing, this handmade bed frame may be a dream come true. Made to order in Canada, this simple pine frame can be customized to fit the mattress you have on-hand, making this choice gentler on your wallet and the planet, too.

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Bohemian Mama

For a different spin on the standard house bed, look to this simple tent frame. Constructed from furniture-grade cedar, this bed frame may also double as an adventurous play space (or better yet, a fanciful reading nook!) when your little one outgrows their mattress.

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Little Colorado

Going for something simple? This Montessori floor bed acts as a frame for your child’s mattress, keeping the lowest profile possible to encourage little ones to crawl in and get cozy.

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Let’s say you don’t love the idea of setting your child’s mattress directly on the floor. This hand-crafted floor bed has an easy solution by way of a low-profile platform base. Cut into the base are a handful of circular holes, which likely help with venting and circulation—a must for tiny sleepers who run hot!

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This handmade wooden bed frame boasts a sleek, curved design and two small features we love: built-in guard rails to keep wild sleepers from falling out of bed, and pine slats so your mattress is lifted just a touch off the floor.