10 Stylish Toy Storage Bins, Baskets, and Bags that Will Grow with Your Kids

published Jul 22, 2022
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Credit: IKEA

As parents we never know what we’re getting ourselves into as our kids begin to collect and curate their beloved toy collections. While kids may go from wood blocks to toy cars to millions of teeny Lego bricks, there’s no reason their toy storage can’t grow right along with them. I recommend choosing quality storage pieces that will stand the test of time, not to mention a toddler. Don’t discount color, but it’s nice to pair the occasional brightly hued box or bin with more natural, neutral pieces like wood, canvas, and wovens (especially if they’re animal-shaped!) for a mix that neither of you will outgrow. 

Here are 10 classic toy storage bins, basket, and bag options that will never go out of style.

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Think of this sturdy set of lidded storage baskets from IKEA as a modern spin on the classic wooden toy box. Woven of willow and designed with cutouts for carrying on each side, they’re easy to tote from room to room and stack for storage. Plus, the attached lid means they’re one less thing to lose. These baskets basically have stuffies written all over them.

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MoMA Design Store

Available in three sizes and a range of colors, Hay’s folding recycled plastic storage crates are a joy to have around the house. They’re vented so it’s easy to keep track of what inside plus they stack for seamless storage – think of the possibilities from bath toys to toy kitchen food and plates to crayons and markers and on and on. Mix and match colors for a fun display, and you won’t mind one bit when these little beauties are scattered around the house.

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Is it a shelf, a drawer, a bin? No matter what you call it, we love this system for Zara for its clean, minimalist look and accessible toy storage. This clever shelf and cubby unit in one could function as major Lego storage sorted by color, a bevy of art supplies, wood blocks, and animals or basically any easy-on-the-eyes toys that you don’t mind keeping on display. At just under two feet, it’s the perfect height for little ones to access each and every one of the nine cute little cubbies.

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A wood bin will never go out of style, even when your kid's color preferences change. Wood is neutral and a keeper. Available in two sizes, these simple open-face bins are stackable but light enough for kids to move on and off shelves independently. Plus, the open system makes its contents visible so kids never neglect any of the toys stored inside.

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Olli Ella

What kid (or adult) wouldn’t be inspired to organize with this adorable hanging basket on hand? Woven with rattan, it’s designed with a wide open oval cutout in the roof that makes emptying and dumping (you know what we mean) fun and easy. It will look great on display. I recommend giving it a designated spot on a peg rack among jump ropes, beloved cardigans, mini brooms, and cowboy hats.

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The Floral Society

Canvas is a durable material that can stand up to kids’ wear and tear. Since many toys lean toward soft, neutral colors these days, I love the idea of using the toys themselves as decor. The Floral Society makes two canvas storage organizers intended for utility purposes but I think they make creative storage for kids, too. There are two sizes available, in horizontal and vertical versions, packed with pockets that can accommodate everything from coloring books, to scissors, glue, cars, stuffies, and more. If and when your kids outgrow it, parents will be happy to inherit the hand-me-down.

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Merci Milo

Ahh, the art supplies. It’s a thing, right? And since kids aren’t limited to coloring and crafting in a single place (who is?), these go-anywhere vintage-inspired Japan-made caddies make the journey all the more fun. Equipped with a handle and slots for pens and pencils, erasers, sharpeners, glue sticks, and scissors, I'm equally obsessed with the cool colorways in bright green, yellow, blue, and orange. And hey, if your kiddo is an artistic minimalist, then there’s a smaller caddy available, too.

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A good wire storage basket is reminiscent of the vintage French metal variety, ideal for stashing things like baseballs, basketballs, and frisbees. This version from Target takes storage to the next level by topping it with a wood top so it can easily double as a table.

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Swoop Bags

These bags are a total game changer for storage, as we wrote about here. Say your child has an abundance of some collection, like Legos. Pop them in here, and when your little one is ready to play just release the drawstring and spread the bag open. It makes clean-up so simple, assuming, you know, they don’t dump the contents on the floor. The heavy canvas in neutral colors makes the bag totally reliable and easy-to-store under a bed or in a closet.

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Homesong Market

If you have a mini-me on your hands, chances are they want to imitate everything you do, even washing doll laundry. The beautiful silhouette of these woven reed baskets make them handy for faux laundry of course, but also perfectly sturdy for storing hefty items like cars and blocks.