The Cute Design Detail That’s Missing from Your Kid’s Room

published Jun 16, 2022
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Credit: Anthropologie

Decidedly cute kids’ rooms are a combination of many elements working together: color, pattern, furniture, artwork, wallpaper (often), smart storage (always). As a whole, it can sometimes feel like that level of cute is impossible to replicate in your own kid’s room. Where do you even start?

Here! You can start right here by adding this one design detail to your kid’s room: an animal-shaped rattan or wicker basket. I’ve seen them in all kinds of kid’s rooms, big and small, DIY and designer, and they never fail to catch my attention — which is the sign of a good idea. Even better, they’re not cute for the sake of being cute; they’re functional storage! Use one as a hamper or to store toys, blankets, stuffed animals, even diapers. Here are 9 of my favorite animal-shaped storage baskets you can buy right now, plus a couple fantastic non-animal ones, because they cannot be ignored:

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Crate & Barrel
was $49.00

I love this roomy, handwoven ratttan swan-shaped basket. The wings are shaded differently than the rest of the body, and have a slight golden tint!

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Pottery Barn Kids

Giraffe-shaped baskets are the best. This one is woven from wicker and albaca rope. Put it in an otherwise-empty corner; its height will create some balance.

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Home Depot
was $79.99

Can I get an elephant, please? This is technically a hamper (and a super cute one at that) but it's certainly large enough to store toys, too.

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Crate & Barrel

I know, another giraffe! I told you: they're the best. I love open sides so you can see what's inside, and the rattan. Reviews are off the charts for this one, too. (I always read reviews!)

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Pottery Barn Kids

No kids room product roundup would be complete without a unicorn. They are the guardians of the rainbows, after all.

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If your kid is in a dinosaur stage, just lean into it with a dinosaur basket to store all the dinosaur books and dinosaur toys.

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Viva Terra
was $89.00

This cutie container would be appropriate companion for the baby-approved Llama Llama book series!

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YES to the camel. I love how it's styled in this photo, right at the end of the bed. It's almost like he's a pet.

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Wind & Weather

Stop it right now with this cuteness. This little guy's squat shape is right on point.

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Crate & Barrel

And now for the non-animal version: this is a cactus storage basket, and it's roomy and fun and I'm very into it.

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This is the basket that started it all for me. I have adored this basket for years. The shape is perfect.