My Dad’s 1-Ingredient Trick For the “Best Scrambled Eggs of Your Life” (He Does It Every Morning)

published Jun 19, 2024
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Scrambled eggs with maple syrup.
Credit: Lindsay Funston

My dad is really good at cooking eggs. He’s famous for his omelets, which he cooks strictly on holidays or very special Sunday mornings (which is reminding me that it’s been awhile since he’s made me one), and he can really nail a butter-fried egg complete with crispy, lacy edges. He’s devoted to eggs: He cooks them for himself almost every single day. (He had a lot of thoughts about our recent article on trying all the ways to fry an egg.)

I was privy to his egg routine when he was visiting last weekend and revealed the latest way he’s been taking them (you can imagine that eating them every day calls for a little creativity). He asked for maple syrup. “Syrup? Why? With your eggs?” I asked. “Watch,” he replied, before drizzling a generous amount over his just-cooked scrambled eggs. I did watch — in slight horror to be honest LOL — as he explained that they’re the best eggs you’ll ever eat, with the sweetness of the maple syrup being a surprisingly nice match for the otherwise kinda bland protein.

I was too shook and not in the mood to test the bizarre combination myself at that moment, but kept thinking about it for days after, so decided it was time to get scrambling. 

Credit: Lindsay Funston

I didn’t hold back when drizzling the eggs. I wanted the full experience, so I’d say I poured at least a couple of tablespoons of syrup over top. (If you’re curious about the best maple syrups, we’ve tried them!)

I was a little nervous to dig in, but I hardly ever say no to trying new foods or combinations (plus my dad has a pretty good palate, so I knew it couldn’t be that bad). After the first bite, I got it. It just works. The robust sweetness and caramel notes of the maple syrup combined with the rich yolk flavor is a nice match. I seasoned with some black pepper after a few bites to add a little more depth, but all in all, I gotta give this a 10/10. 

Credit: Lindsay Funston

Now, am I going to start doing this on my eggs? Probably not. But I’m more of a hot sauce person. If I did feel the urge to change up my breakfast one morning, I might consider it. And I will now most certainly reach for maple syrup before ketchup. (Eggs and ketchup is most definitely a combination I will never, ever do.) For now, it can be my dad’s bizarro breakfast. Just hopefully not the one he chooses to make on holidays.