This Ingenious Product Keeps Plugs and Cords Out of Sight (and Has Almost 50,000 5-Star Reviews)

published Mar 26, 2024
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An electrical socket and TV outlet in the drywall in the room of in apartment,Electrical plug and TV signal outlets on white wall.
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Whether you’re renting or buying, there are many criteria to watch for when touring a new home. In fact, you might be so concerned with ticking the boxes on your home checklist that smaller issues, like inconveniently placed electrical outlets, go unnoticed. To be sure, outlet placement shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but once you’re arranging your space, it can make installing furniture, electronics, and appliances a chore, and also result in unsightly and unsafe cords being stretched across the room (a concern for human and pet parents!). 

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution.

The Sleek Socket declutters electrical outlets.

The Sleek Socket is a pencil-thin cover for electrical outlets that hides unattractive cords while keeping the outlet completely usable. Backed by over 58,000 Amazon reviews, and approximately 48,000 five-star ratings, this gadget is, as one reviewer noted, a “small item [that] makes a BIG difference.”

Here’s how it works: First, plug the Sleek Socket cover into the top plug on your outlet. A thin white wire leads from the socket cover to a power strip, which is where all of your plugs will go before being tucked away behind a small appliance, large piece of furniture, or another item. Every Sleek Socket includes an adhesive kit to securely fasten the white wire to the wall and create a neat, streamlined look. And since the Sleek Socket sits flat against the outlet, it allows you to position furniture flush against the wall.

Credit: Amazon

“I used it behind my bed as we have an adjustable bed and every time I would raise it, it would hit the plugs in the outlet and pull them out,” said an Amazon reviewer. “I could not come up with a solution until I found the Sleek outlet! Its amazing! So easy to set up. I even bought another one for my family room. Hides all of the ugly cords.”

The Sleek Socket is especially ideal for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their space. “I am a renter so putting a huge hole in the wall to hide my wires was not going to happen,” said another happy customer. “After searching for something that can help with the look of the wires in my living room I am glad to have come across this socket! I’m extremely happy with the look and the adhesive works really good.”

Credit: Amazon

It’s also a great way to cover outlets in a playroom or nursery!

Parents of young children may also find the Sleek Socket useful in nurseries and playrooms. It doubles as a safety feature to keep curious hands away from dangerous outlets and is a suitable substitute for plastic socket covers. One parent installed it behind their child’s crib in the nursery, and found it to be the perfect solution. “We didn’t want to have to run an extension cord across the room to have his sound machine, baby monitor and humidifier plugged in next to his crib,” they said. “We are thrilled with our purchase and so glad we don’t have to worry about fingers in electrical outlets at the moment.”

The Sleek Socket is safety certified and available in three-foot, six-foot, and eight-foot options, as well child– and pet-specific models. While the company recommends measuring your outlets first to ensure the best fit, they also sell universal covers if you’re unable or unwilling to bust out the measuring tape.

“I don’t know why it took so long for someone to come up with this, but glad someone did,” one reviewer gushed of Sleek Socket, while another summed things up in even more glowing terms: “This unit is fricken amazing!”

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