I Found an Amazing Product for Babyproofing Outlets, but It’s Really for Anyone Who Wants to Hide Cords and Plugs

published Mar 7, 2023
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Covering outlets is incredibly important when it comes to babyproofing. If your baby or toddler manages to stick their finger or a foreign object into the outlet, they are at risk of getting burned or shocked. My 1-year-old twins like to investigate everything, so it’s imperative I have every outlet covered in my home. 

The more my kids grow and explore their world, the more I find areas of my home that I thought were babyproofed but weren’t. Like the time they learned how to climb the stairs before they could even walk and I realized I needed to install that baby gate sooner rather than later. Or the time they started opening the toilet bowl lid and sticking their heads in — cue the toilet lock. To say my twins have kept me on my toes is an understatement. 

The outlets were one of the first things we babyproofed, but it didn’t stop them from trying to pull on cords that needed to be plugged in. It can be difficult to keep babies away from cords and plugs that are plugged into outlets. When my daughter was a baby, I used these outlet covers in her bedroom to keep her away from plugs that had to be plugged in, like her monitor and her white noise machine. They worked well, but they didn’t look very nice, and they stick out a good bit from the wall. 

How I Use Sleek Outlet Covers

Recently, we bought a floating TV stand to give us some extra room in our living room. However, this also meant we had exposed plugs and cords dangling down from the stand to the outlet. Unsurprisingly, my 1-year-olds couldn’t resist trying to pull at the plugs. It was clear that we needed something that would stop them from unplugging the TV and potentially getting injured. 

In an effort to keep them safe and to help our living room look a bit more stylish, we bought a Sleek Socket outlet concealer, which I first heard about right here. It plugs right into one receptacle and completely covers both outlets. From there, you can run the single cord to an area out of baby’s reach. Then, you’re free to plug in anything you want without worrying about your kids trying to pull the plugs out. 

For us, the cord runs up to our floating TV stand. You could also run it behind a desk or dresser or up to a counter, for example. The outlet cover is pretty thin and almost flush with the wall, so it’s an aesthetically pleasing way to babyproof an outlet.

If an older toddler really got determined, they might be able to pull it out of the receptacle, which is something to keep in mind. So far, my twins (who seriously get into everything) haven’t even attempted to pull it off. 

Even if you’re not looking to babyproof, this cover helps your space look more clean and less cluttered. I’m always looking for ways to declutter my house, and getting the cords near the TV under control is a huge part of that. Ever since we bought this outlet cover for our living room, I’ve noticed other places around the house where it could be of use. I’m already planning to buy more for our bedroom. 

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