The Skillet Set that Gave My Kid the Confidence To Cook

updated Nov 29, 2022
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A graphic featuring photos of a Ballarini Moderna Frying Pan Set.
Credit: Photo: Zwilling; Design: Cubby

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I am convinced that the image set into the minds of my kids will be of me from the waist up and standing at the stove. My kids know that cooking isn’t just something I do during the day for them, it’s also my job as a recipe developer. I’ve invited my kids to join me in the kitchen to help roll cookie dough and mix meatloaf, but neither of my kids showed much interest in approaching the stove until recently.

I finally figured out that their hesitation came from my habit of using my cast iron pan. The hot handle added a fear factor that my kids could not overcome. Instead of watching the pancakes puff and readying herself for the flip, Lucy would position herself over an arm’s length away to avoid any chance contact with the pan. So, when the folks at Zwilling sent me this 3-piece nonstick frying pan set to try out, I enlisted the help of my culinarily-curious 9-year-old daughter.

What’s So Great About This Nonstick Frying Pan Set?

There is a lot to love about the Ballarini Modena nonstick set. The set is made of 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch skillets with a nonstick coating lives up to its name, even after months of scrambling eggs. The nonstick surface heats evenly and even facilitates a rich sear on veggies, steaks, and burgers. The slick surface means that you don’t need much butter or oil at all, unless you’re adding it for flavor. Metal utensils and nonstick pans are usually meant to be separated at all costs, but the finish on these pans aren’t phased by the occasional scrape from a metal fish spatula. Plus since the pans are nonstick, they’re clean with a few swipes of a soapy sponge.

Credit: Patty Catalano
Credit: Patty Catalano

The Special Feature That Gave My Kid the Confidence to Cook

This trio of nonstick skillets are the perfect starter set for young cooks, because the handles are nonstick, easy for little hands to grip, and remain cool to the touch. The bend of the handle is slightly curved which helped Lucy confidently grip the pan. The best part is a color-changing patented Thermopoint indicator on the handle based on the temperature of the pan. When the indicator is green, the pan is cool, but when it is red it is hot. Having that extra visual cue has helped my daughter know when to use caution and when she could safely touch the pan after cooking. Without the surprise of an unexpected burn, these pans have helped Lucy gain confidence at the stove and has given us the opportunity to spend time cooking together.