Sarah Seung-McFarland

I'm a licensed psychologist (Ph.D.) with a specialty in design psychology. After years practicing clinical/counseling psychology, I felt the pull towards a more creative career. Now I blend the best of both worlds with my design psychology consultation service, helping clients create emotionally supportive spaces. I've worked as a freelance home tour photographer and writer; and love writing about homes and the people who create them.
A Few Simple Tips for Designing an All-Purpose Space That Kids and Adults Will Use Every Day
Just stick to these easy design rules to create a delightful and super-functional room that kids and adults will love.
Nov 30, 2021
5 Easy Tips for Designing a Stylish (and Accessible) Kids’ Bookshelf
You want kids to be able to reach their favorites and for the room to look polished. Here’s how it’s done.
Aug 10, 2021
The Jumbo-Sized Trend That Makes a Gorgeous Statement in Kids’ Rooms
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. With the wallpaper trend alive and well, it isn’t a stretch to see murals, wallpaper’s captivating, prehistoric cousin, take center stage. Murals — large scenes that don’t repeat like wallpaper — make neighborhoods beautiful and add vibrant color and interest to our streets.
Jul 2, 2021