The Jumbo-Sized Trend That Makes a Gorgeous Statement in Kids’ Rooms

published Jul 2, 2021
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Anewall wildflower mural wallpaper
Credit: Anewall

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With the wallpaper trend alive and well, it isn’t a stretch to see murals, wallpaper’s captivating, prehistoric cousin, take center stage. Murals — large scenes that don’t repeat like wallpaper — make neighborhoods beautiful and add vibrant color and interest to our streets. So why not replicate that spellbinding artwork inside our homes — especially in the already imaginative spaces of our kiddos? 

While murals are commonly painted, mural wallpaper gives you the look of a scene printed on wallpaper panels, making it more practical and accessible to use — something busy parents may appreciate. So whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist; love color or feel more at peace with neutrals; or you’re just trying to figure it all out, there’s a mural wallpaper for that. 

Here are a few that are sure to spark child-like magic in all of us.  

Summon all the storybook vibes

Credit: Anewall

Even if you won’t be in Paris anytime soon, a Parisian mural wallpaper is always a sweet idea. This delicate, hand-drawn street scene is subtle enough to not overstimulate the eyes, yet enchanting enough for your child to get lost in.

Buy it here: Parisian mural wallpaper from Anewall

Let them run wild

Credit: Nat and Polly

Let this jungle-themed mural wallpaper bring out your kid’s inner wild child. This mural manages to be both cute and sophisticated at the same time. So whether you’re on Team “A kid’s room should look like a kid’s room,” or Team “How can we make this not look like a kid’s room,” this mural wallpaper is flexible enough to satisfy both aesthetics. Think sweet jungle theme meets moody animals. 

Buy it here: Jungle Wallpaper from Nat and Polly

Go abstract for an oversized dose of color

Credit: Minted

For parents who like things simple yet impactful, an abstract nature wall mural like this dynamic one by artist Fernanda Martinez is a solid choice. Its abstract shapes give it a sense of novelty, and your child may be able to see something new and surprising in it as time goes on. (Full disclosure: I saw a backward facing mermaid and a fire-breathing whale.) A mural wallpaper that looks pretty and has the potential to support your child’s brain development seems like a win-win.    

Buy it here: Abstract Nature Wallpaper from Minted

Add a little street style

Credit: Photowall

Give your kids’ room a fun statement of irreverent, artistic expression with graffiti mural wallpaper. It just may spark a healthy dose of creativity in your increasingly independent child. (But if they refuse to take out the garbage or wash the dishes — sorry, there’s no mural for that). The language is clean (of course, we’ll be checking), and the bonus? They always have something to read. 

Buy it here: Graffiti Wallpaper from Photowall

Nurture a sense of whimsy in nature

You may not always have the time to frolic through the meadows with your child (although it would be nice), but a romantic mural wallpaper may be the next best thing. Fanciful florals can inspire awe and joy. Imagine all the whimsical daydreams that can happen here!

Buy it here: Wildflower Mural from Anewall

Play up the architectural details

Credit: Rebel Walls

Made from architectural drawings, this Parisian Quarter stopped me in my tracks. In black and white, it’s subdued enough to work with any color scheme, but the level of detail prevents it from withering away into the background. You can’t help but stop and stare at this magnificent landscape. Imagine impressionable minds being shaped by this masterpiece. And you can always make it a learning moment, by discussing landmarks and historical happenings.

Buy it here: Architectural Wallpaper from Rebel Walls