The Only French Fries You Should Make at Home

published Aug 15, 2023
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Oven-roasted steak fries on a sheet pan
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Let’s talk about french fries at home. I haven’t ever experienced a french fry from my own kitchen that truly rivals a fast food fry. I’ve tried almost every brand of frozen fries and every oven-frying tip and trick. And as someone who is not afraid to fry in the name of good food, I’ve tried several fried recipes at home too.

But only one method has delivered on a satisfying french fry time and time again in everything from my home kitchen to vacation rentals. (Hint: it doesn’t involve frying at all.)

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Oven-Roasted Steak Fries: The Ultimate at-Home Fry

Hear me out: Much of what we love about french fries at restaurant or from the drive-thru is convenience and reliability. You know that those fries are going to have the same satisfying tastes and smells whether you’re at a location close to home or far away.

The same really can’t be said of fries made at home — unless you’re really dedicated to the craft, using the same method, equipment, and potatoes every single time. (If you are, though, kudos to you!) Most of us just want a reliably good fry at home, which is where the oven-roasted steak fry delivers.

It requires just three major ingredients: Yukon gold potatoes, a little olive oil, and salt, plus a baking sheet. There’s no parboiling, no first and second frying. You cut the potatoes, toss ’em with the oil, and roast them. You can keep almost any oven at the correct temperature, rather than fiddling constantly with the temperature of frying oil.

Finally, let me deliver on flavor factor: Oven-roasted steak fries get a delightfully thin, crisp exterior while the inside gets incredibly tender and fluffy. The wedge shape plays a huge role in delivering on that crave-worthy texture, preventing the limpness that sometimes comes from shoestring fries and ensuring the interior is fluffy and the exterior is golden-crisp.

You can dress them up with as little as salt or add dry herbs and spices to rival the greatest seasoned fries. Just don’t forget to serve them with a sauce or two for dipping.

Get the recipe: How To Make Steak Fries at The Kitchn

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