Walking Tacos Might Just Be the Perfect Family Dinner

published Feb 18, 2023
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Walking taco on a tray
Credit: Stephanie Ganz

When it comes to family dinners, everyone’s got an opinion. My husband shies away from red meat, while my 11-year-old craves it. My 4-year-old prefers a simpler meal — any combination of carbs and cheese will usually be met with enthusiasm — while I tend to enjoy more complicated dishes with as many garnishes and accoutrements as possible. So versatility and adaptability are qualities I always look for in a family meal, and Walking Tacos — one of our favorites — deliver just that.

Walking Tacos belong to the Frito Pie family of foods. Whereas a Frito Pie is more of a chili-adjacent dish, Walking Tacos take the same concept — a bag of Fritos split open and served topped with all sorts of savory goodness right in the bag itself — and lean in more of a taco direction, as the name implies. I do have a slight beef (no pun intended) with the name, as regular tacos are already “walking tacos” — they’re about as portable as a dish can get. But for the sake of this dish being fun to say, serve, and eat, I’ll let it slide.

I love to serve Walking Tacos buffet-style, presenting a big spread of options like taco-style ground beef, shredded rotisserie chicken, well-seasoned beans, sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped onions, pickled jalapeños, and salsa, plus a variety of little bags of chips from which my family of four can make their own choices.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

How To Make Walking Tacos

Walking Tacos come together in about the same amount of time it takes to prepare ground beef for tacos. After sautéing a diced onion over medium heat, add ground beef, the taco seasoning of your choice, and a bit of water. Meanwhile, assemble your toppings — beans (pinto or black! Refried or not!), additional proteins, salsa, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, you get the idea. Once the liquid is reduced and the beef is cooked through, you’re ready to ring the dinner bell. 

Crush up the chips a bit in the bags before opening them, and open the bags down the center (with scissors), rather than at the top, to create more room for toppings.

Get the recipe: Walking Tacos from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

My Honest Review

I could easily serve Walking Tacos weekly and receive no pushback from my family, and that’s saying something. The combination of crunchy, salty chips and well-seasoned taco filling is so filling and fun to eat. I’m very much like my children, in that any time I get to eat dinner out of a bag of chips, I’m pretty happy. The best part of this dish is that everyone can customize it to their own specifications. I love beans and tomatillo salsa in mine. My husband likes his with shredded chicken. The kids go heavy on the cheese and sour cream. And everyone cleans their plate — or bag, in this case!

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

Tips for Making Walking Tacos

  1. Go wild with your chip choices! Think of Fritos not as a landing point, but as a jumping-off point. Dabble in Doritos, take on Taqui’s, or try out those new chips you’ve been eyeing at Trader Joe’s!
  2. Crush the Fritos (or whatever chip you’re using) in the bag a bit before you open it and add toppings. The smaller pieces are easier to pick up with a fork.
  3. Split the bag vertically down the middle to create more room for toppings.
  4. While you’ve got all the ingredients out, help your kiddos pack deconstructed Walking Tacos for lunch the next day. 

Get the recipe: Walking Tacos from The Girl Who Ate Everything

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