5-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Fish Tacos My Whole Family Loves

published Feb 7, 2022
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Tacos are arguably the perfect meal. Packed with protein, veggies, and a whole grain, all in one flavorful and family-friendly package. If you are looking for ways to incorporate more fish into your dinnertime rotation, you will love these easy fish tacos. The best part is, you can quickly grab everything you need for dinner at Trader Joe’s.  

There’s a key ingredient that makes these Southern California-style fish tacos so easy to whip up. Instead of breading and frying fresh fish from scratch, these weeknight-friendly tacos rely on a box of frozen fish nuggets from Trader Joe’s. The fish nuggets are a staple in the freezer section and the flavor and crispy texture is far superior to other frozen fish options. 

While the nuggets are baking in the oven, it’s the perfect time to make a spicy cabbage slaw. You can whip up an effortless dressing by combining Trader Joe’s organic mayonnaise with their Chile Lime Seasoning Blend. Toss this spicy mayonnaise with a bag of the Trader Joe’s prepared slaw mix and the recipe is almost done. (By the way, you might want to make extra of this spicy mayo to keep on hand. It’s also great as a veggie dip or as a condiment for sweet potato fries!)

Finally, one simple trick can give this quick and easy recipe restaurant-quality flair. If you warm Trader Joe’s corn tortillas directly over the flame of a gas burner, not only does it make the tortillas perfectly pliable for tacos, but you get that delicious little bit of char around the edge of the tortilla. Just be sure to use tongs with a long handle to keep your hands far from the flame. Work quickly and turn the tortillas frequently or else you risk going from delectable char to burnt mess in a blink of an eye. 

Once the fish nuggets come out of the oven, simply assemble the tacos and dinner is served!

Easy 5-Ingredient Fish Tacos

Serves 4 (2 tacos each)

  • 1 package (16 oz.) Trader Joe’s Fish Nuggets
  • 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Organic Mayonnaise 
  • 2 teaspoons Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Seasoning Blend
  • 1 bag (9 oz.)  Trader Joe’s Organic Shredded Green and Red Cabbage with Orange Carrots
  • 1 package (11 oz.) Trader Joe’s Corn Tortillas
  1. Prepare the entire package of Trader Joe’s Fish Nuggets according to package directions. 
  2. Meanwhile, combine 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Organic Mayonnaise with 2 teaspoons Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Seasoning Blend. Stir until completely incorporated. 
  3. Empty the contents of 1 bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Shredded Green and Red Cabbage with Orange Carrots into a bowl. Add the chile lime mayonnaise and toss to coat. 
  4. Warm the Trader Joe’s corn tortillas. If you have a gas stove, this can be done on the stovetop directly over the flame of the burner. Place the first side down and warm and gently char over the flame until browned and bubbly. Using tongs, flip over the tortilla and do the same for the other side. Place on a plate and proceed with the remaining tortillas. Cover with a clean kitchen towel to keep warm. (If you don’t have a gas stove, the tortillas can be gently warmed in the microwave in 15 second intervals until pliable.)
  5. To assemble the tacos, evenly divide the dressed cabbage mixture among the warm tortillas. Top each tortilla with two fish nuggets. Enjoy immediately.