I Researched 30 Yogurts and Now This Is the Only One I’ll Buy

published Nov 3, 2023
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I recently spent hours examining every yogurt label I could find to determine which yogurts have the least amount of sugar. I was focusing on toddler yogurts for this story, but it got me thinking about the yogurts I eat too.

It was shocking, truly, to discover most yogurts have loads of added sugar. I had frequently heard this was the case, but I assumed it was the “dessert” yogurts like strawberry cheesecake or cookies and cream, not the classics like plain ol’ strawberry. Turns out, the brand I used to buy had a whopping 25 grams of sugar in its 8-ounce cup. That’s just 2 grams fewer than a Snickers bar! (A 4-ounce serving of plain whole milk yogurt has about 5 grams of naturally occurring sugar from the lactose in the milk, so any number above is added sugar.)

Newly enlightened, I’ve become a yogurt snob, and the only one I will buy now is Siggi’s 4% strained whole-milk yogurt. It’s easy to find — even Target has it. And I like that it’s strained so it has extra protein (12 grams per 4.4 ounces versus the usual 6 grams), but it’s still smooth and creamy (not chalky-thick, as some Greek yogurts can be).

Credit: Siggi's

I opt for the whole-milk version because it tastes far better to me than low-fat or nonfat, so I don’t need to add a bunch of sugary stuff. The 4.4-ounce cup has 8 grams of sugar and is slightly smaller than other yogurts, but for me the size is just right; because it’s whole milk and high protein, it’s more satiating. It doesn’t matter that it has a little more fat than other yogurts, since I don’t need to eat as much of it.

Buy it: Siggi’s Whole Milk Yoghurt, $1.13 on sale for 4.4 ounces

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