Morton Table Salt’s Lids Have a Not-So-Secret Feature That Everyone Just Found Out About, and People Are Losing It

published May 4, 2024
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Someone holding a container of Morton Iodized table salt.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Beyond just a place for me to find the latest dance trends and hilarious voice-overs, social media sites like Instagram and TikTok have become my go-to place for finding blatantly obvious-yet-ingenious tips and life hacks. From cutting onions to cleaning out a garbage disposal, the life-changing hacks found online are often so simple that I’m surprised I didn’t think of them first.

Case in point: This recent post from TikTok user @trip82city, which struck gold with a post that, at the time of writing, has garnered more than 11 million views. The topic? That old table salt container you keep in your cabinet.

If you were like me and not in-the-know, it appears that every 26-ounce canister of Morton Table Salt has a built-in salt shaker that is only revealed after removing the sticker from the metal spout. Under each sticker are two salt-shaker-sized holes that can be used to pour much smaller amounts of salt — without having to pour it into your hand first. Completely mind-blowing, if you ask me! 

Up until this point in my life, I had been performing a delicate balancing act, attempting to carefully gauge the weight and angle of the container; trying neither to pour too much or too little salt with every shake of the hand. Now, however, those days will absolutely be behind me, and I no longer need to fear oversalting my food to the point of inedibility. This not-so-secret hack will definitely be staying in heavy rotation for me, and now that you know, I hope you do the same. In fact, if you’re in need of an instant life hack, you might want to swap your usual with some Morton and start living.

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