Are Kids’ Couches Really Worth It? I Have The Flip, and Here’s My Review

published Aug 13, 2022
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Toddler girl on lemon yellow Flip Couch
Credit: The Flip

It started with the Nugget. Left and right, I began seeing these trendy kids’ couches pop up on social media and in my friends’ homes. Soon after, other brands began making their own version of a kid’s play couch. I’ve seen kids tumble around on them, cozy up for movie night, and even have sleepovers on them. 

They look fun and practical, but these couches will cost you. In most cases, at least $200. So are they worth it? Here’s my review of The Flip Kid’s Couch

Details and Construction

The Flip couch is made of a sturdy, durable foam that is free from lead, mercury, and formaldehyde. The materials are also CertiPur certified, and the couches are made in the USA. The foam is covered in a waterproof liner and a microsuede cover. I find that the foam is nice and sturdy so the couch holds its shape well even after heavy use, but it’s still comfortable. The sturdy foam is also helpful when building forts and structures. 

In addition to the original couch, which costs $299, the company also offers an outdoor version for $349. You can purchase extra covers, liners, and trapezoid pillows as well. There are a wide array of color options available, from Caribbean seas to orange crush. In case you don’t like the couch, it comes with a 21-day trial period, so you don’t have to worry about spending nearly $300 on something your kids don’t want to play with. The company recommends leaving the couch in the box for no longer than one week, so keep this in mind if you’re purchasing it in advance for a birthday or holiday. If you leave it in the box longer, you may void your free trial period. 

Credit: The Flip

What I Like About It

I was given an editorial sample of The Flip to test over a year ago, and I’m extremely impressed by its durability. My daughter plays with it hard, and you would hardly know. We’ve used it for obstacle courses, forts, sleepovers, play dates, and more. My 110-pound German shepherd has even taken to napping on it from time to time. 

The foam is still extremely firm, and the cushions don’t have any stains on them, despite near-constant spills. It’s pretty easy to spot clean, and the furniture attachment on our carpet cleaner does a great job of getting out major spills. 

I’m really impressed with the type of play the couch encourages in my daughter. It’s such a simple toy, so she has to use her imagination every time she plays. I’m also excited to use the couch when my six-month-old twins begin crawling soon. The different levels will provide a safe challenge for them with a soft landing when they inevitably slip and tumble. 

No review of a kids’ product would be complete without the stamp of approval from a kid, so I asked my four-year-old to share her thoughts on the couch. “I get to do stuff on it. I like jumping on it, and I like playing on it, and I like making forts with it,” she said. Sounds like a good time to me! 

What I Don’t Like About It

One of my biggest complaints applies to any similar kid’s couch: it’s big. If you don’t have a playroom or dedicated space for toys, it can take up a lot of space. Ours rotates between the living room, basement, and my daughter’s room just because we don’t have a great place to put it. 

One redeeming factor regarding the large space it occupies is that it’s easy to move. The couch is lightweight, and the large cushions have handles. 

The Flip Couch is also a bit pricer than other options, which can be a major turnoff. 

Credit: Alicia Betz

The Flip vs Other Kid Couches 

Since the kid couch craze began, many other brands have popped up on the market. The original Nugget costs $229, and it comes in more colors than The Flip, including special edition prints like Elmo and Monster’s Inc. 

The Huddle Couch is much cheaper at $139, but many reviewers note that it’s flimsy and has an off-putting smell. 

One of the best alternative options is the Member’s Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa from Sam’s Club. I’ve seen this one in person at a friend’s house, and it’s only slightly less sturdy than the Flip but much less expensive at $189. 

What Do Other Buyers Say About The Flip? 

I could only find reviews on The Flip’s website, and they are overwhelmingly positive with 85% of reviews earning five stars. Reviewers like the waterproof liners, good customer service, and fast shipping. 

Reviewer Audrey Thompson said “My daughter is two & she can play with the Flip for hours, building, climbing & jumping or just lounging on it with a book. Their customer service is also fantastic.” 

Most complaints seem to be isolated incidents, but reviewers note that the couch becomes less sturdy over time and that the material picks up dirt and hair easily. I haven’t had either of these issues after using the couch for over a year. 

Would I Get The Flip Kid’s Couch Again? 

I’m really happy with The Flip Kid’s Couch. It’s a staple in our play rotation, and it’s something I know I would have enjoyed as a kid. In fact, I’m watching my daughter play in a pretend house she made out of the big cushion as I write this. 

I can undoubtedly say I would choose The Flip again. Without a direct comparison to the less expensive options like the Nugget or the Member’s Mark version, however, I can’t emphatically say it’s worth the $70 more it costs over its closest competitor. 

If you’re looking for something you know will be of high quality, The Flip Kid’s Couch is a great option. If you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, the Nugget and the Member’s Mark versions would be good to try, too.