I Bought a Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter for My Kid — Here’s My Review

updated Apr 23, 2024
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Two kids on black and pink Mongoose scooter
Credit: Mongoose

For two summers, my daughter breezed through the neighborhood on a plastic scooter we’d picked up on a local no-buy site. Free as it was, we weren’t about to complain about its rickety construction and teeny-tiny wheels, the last of which caught on nearly every crack in the sidewalk. Every time my daughter sailed over a bump, I’d grit my teeth, hoping she’d roll over it unscathed. When the scooter finally gave out—a wheel shooting off as she rode—it was like my muscles finally went slack with relief. She had survived the cheapest scooter in the universe. But now, of course, she was scooter-less and aimless as a result.

When it came time to purchase a replacement, I knew just what I wanted for her: something sturdy that could handle the city sidewalks with ease. After a ton of research, I chose the Mongoose Youth Expo Scooter, and here’s what I think about it:

Credit: Lizzie Goodman

My Review of the Mongoose Youth Expo Scooter

Details and Construction

  • Recommended age: 6 to 9 years old
  • Made of alloy steel
  • 33 inch handlebars
  • Weighs 18 lbs with a 220 lb weight capacity
  • Looks like a scooter, rides like a bike with front and rear hand brakes, front suspension, and thick, inflatable tires
  • Named one of the best kids’ scooters of 2022 by Popular Mechanics 
  • One year limited warranty 

The Mongoose Youth Expo looks like a scooter but rides like a bike due to its front and rear hand brakes, front suspension, and thick, inflatable tires.

Credit: Mongoose

Why I Chose It

After our stint with a tiny-wheeled scooter, I instantly fell in love with the inflatable, 12-inch tires on the Mongoose Youth Expo. They are sturdy and meant to handle all sorts of terrain, making the occasional sidewalk crack a non-issue. I also appreciated the adjustable handlebar (why do kids grow so fast?!) and the bike-style hand brakes, as my kid has been known to sail through a crosswalk simply because she can’t stop fast enough. 

What I Like About It

The Mongoose Youth Expo has been my daughter’s go-to transportation for two years and counting. We chose the bright pink model, which feels serendipitous now that I can spot her riding from a block away. What really appeals to me, however, are the safety features. This scooter is sturdy. The wheels are thick, the handlebars are substantial, and the foot deck is wide, making for a comfortable and supported ride. 

What I Don’t Like About It

The Mongoose is an investment, as it’s on the pricier side. It’s also not an easy item to throw in the back of your car when you’re on the go. It’s heavy and bulky with none of the portable features of a far less expensive scooter, like the foldable Razor. Much to my husband’s chagrin, the Mongoose also takes up a bike-sized space in the garage, yet falls over constantly because it lacks a kickstand. To achieve high marks in safety and durability, the Mongoose sacrifices ease of use (when not being ridden, of course). 

Credit: Lizzie Goodman
My daughter on her Mongoose scooter.

What Do Other Buyers Say?

This scooter has nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon, with more than 6,500 five-star ratings. Many parents gravitated toward the Mongoose for the same reason I did—its superior safety features. Citing its sturdiness and safety, some reviewers touted its benefits for autistic kids and others with motor skill delays. One 62-year-old reviewer even bought the Mongoose for personal use, as a fun way to safely get moving alongside their dog! 

Plenty of reviewers lamented the scooter’s assembly, noting that you’ll need a few tools on-hand to put it together. Others claimed you had to be a mechanic to figure out assembly, but I’m here to tell you I’m a mere writer and made it through. 

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, absolutely. After two years with the Mongoose, I’ll never go back to a standard scooter for my kids. The Mongoose is well-built and high quality with safety features that put this worried mom’s mind at ease. 

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