The Very Best Can’t-Miss Prime Day Deals for Kids and Families

published Jun 21, 2021
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The day has arrived — a day of unbelievably good deals, especially for parents and caregivers shopping for their kids. Amazon Prime Day kicked off this morning, June 21, and will run through tomorrow, June 22. Remember that this sale is only available to Prime members, but you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to participate if you’re not already a member. 

If you’re a parent like me, you likely love a good deal but don’t always have the time to scour the many pages of products. We’ve got you covered. We rounded up our top (steeply discounted) picks for families, from toys that keep the fun rolling to stylish furniture and must-have baby gear to make life just a little easier. Check back, because we’ll be updating this post as new deals appear!

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Recommended age: 3+

$178.93; was $239.99

For the budding chef, this play kitchen is beyond, with all the (pretend) amenities of a real kitchen and sounds and lights to make it seem even more authentic. The sturdy, classic wood design and careful details makes this kitchen feel like their own little culinary paradise. There’s even a little cordless phone, so they can invite guests over for the fancy feasts they cook up! It’s very rare to be able to score an immersive toy like this for this price, so this is for sure a must-have!

Recommended age: 3-7

$55.99; was $79.99

This stylish trike is a great way for your movers-and-shakers to practice their balance and steering before graduating to two-wheeled bikes. The classic red design — identifiable anywhere — is very striking, and the chrome details add a bit of cool shine as it glints in the sun. The adjustable seat helps the bike grow with your little one. Grab their helmet and knee pads: The open sidewalk awaits! And, at just a little more than $50, this is truly a can’t-miss deal.

Recommended age: 3+

$113.99; was $229.99

We first saw this grocery store in a play cafe, and have been coveting it ever since. It was the hit that had the kids swarming (pre-pandemic, of course), eager to play grocer. There’s a designated bagging area, a hand-crank conveyor belt (really, the most fun part), a beeping scanner, a cash drawer, and more. Fill the shelves with your own produce and canned goods (not included), and let the grocery games begin! Bonus: this toy is also a great way for kids to learn about food and beginner math! 

Recommended age: 6 months + 

$10.49; was $14.99

Just the sight of this blue penguin brings a grin to babies’ faces, but there’s more: he spins and waddles, and emits a tinkling sound that’s soothing for little ears. Totally safe and long-lasting, this penguin is sure to be a favorite toy for baby!

Recommended age: 3+

$33.82, was $49.99

We love a toy that encourages learning and exploring the great outdoors. This microscope comes with over 60 beautiful color slides, and has an interactive component featuring the voice narration of Bindi Irwin. You can play with this in fact mode or quiz mode; plus, it comes with various language options.

Recommended age: 3+

$13.99; was $19.99

I never thought the day would arrive when I would willingly tout the benefits of slime, but here we are. These squishy textures are really fun, especially when they come in bright rainbow shades. And I won’t lie, sometimes during a stressful day, I may sneak into the slime stash myself.

Recommended age: 6+

$13.99; was $19.99

The old favorite never really goes out of style. Kids use their coordination and a pair of tweezers to slowly and precisely remove Cavity Sam’s ailments — being careful not to set off the buzzer along the way. This game makes for a surprising little blast from the past.

Recommended age: 3+

$81.71; was $123.59

This intricate, award-winning railway set is beautifully designed to promote hours of imaginative play. There are various moving parts, like gates that open, a conveyor belt, and a waterfall at the top of the mountain. The mountain is delightfully rendered with all kinds of surprising details your kids will love discovering. This is one of those stunner gifts that will leave your kids awed and eager to start playing. 

Recommended age: 3+

$18.55; was $23.19

When my daughter received two of these jewelry sets one year for Christmas, I thought I’d return or donate one of the sets, but it turns out that she loves using them in her room and in our family room too. We’ve made detailed bracelets, rings, and necklaces, gifting them to one another as we admire our fabulousness. The beads are designed to snap easily by little hands, and they come in endless colorful combinations. Call it a new spin on those beloved friendship bracelets that are so in vogue with the young set!

Recommended age: 3+

$42.79; was $61.35

This sweet 20-piece set mimics the charm of a real-life barn, with a kid-safe painted exterior, cool details like a ladder and food troughs, and miniature farm animals galore. The roof and doors open for easy access, and a pulley system even transports hay from the first to second floor. Watch them lead in the cows and sheep, then feed the pigs their daily supper. Bonus: this is one of those toys that’s so precious, it could be mistaken for decor! 

Recommended age: 6+

$11.89; was $16.99

The ultimate in nail-biters, Jenga is a family favorite for a reason — it involves skill, some strategy, and a whole lot of laughs. Great for family game nights or a rainy afternoon, Jenga never loses its appeal, especially at this great price. Also makes for a fun gift for birthday parties! 

Recommended age: 2+

$13.99; was $19.99

Another classic — Mr. Potato Head offers hours of pretend play and dress-up, with 15 parts to rearrange, and a handy plastic tub to store all of his pieces. Create funny combinations and let the laughs ensue.

Recommended age: 6+

$25.99; was $49.99

As fun as arts and crafts are, there’s something about a 3D experience that feels especially magical. This pen is specifically designed for kids (no accidental burns here!), with a comfortable grip, and easy-to-use instructions. Help them build spatial understanding and basic design skills with this sky’s-the-limit tool. Bonus: there’s also an app for them to doodle on-screen!

Recommended age: 3+

$20.39; was $37.99

Multiple parent-friends sent me links to Scrubbie Pets for my daughter’s last birthday, telling me about how engrossing they are, and they did not lie. We now have several sets that travel with us on trips and outings around town. Kids can color designs on each pet, then easily wash them off afterwards with a cute tub and scrubber, making for a blank 3D canvas of cuteness. This particular set comes with 8 pets and 12 markers, along with a cool cardboard play mat to help their imaginations along.

Home + Kitchen

$284; was $399

Our team loves these digital frames so much that it made our group Slack more than once. It’s a brilliant solution for staying in touch with grandparents and other loved ones from a distance, with a stylish non-bulky frame and amazing picture quality. Just upload your photos via cloud storage or via the app — it’s a simple yet moving gesture.

Recommended age: 3+

$59.99; $74.95

Nothing feels so summery as a good picnic bench, especially one with bright, unexpected teal detail. This looks great in a backyard, under a tree or shaded canopy, and provides a little resting spot for eating meals, doing crafts, or just enjoying a break from all that play. The picnic table set is sturdy and safe, finished in an eco-friendly and attractive stain. An easy, delightful way to make the most of the sunshine!

Recommended age: 3-8

$69.49; was $129.99

Trust child play geniuses, Melissa & Doug, to come up with a simple yet elegant desk design for kids. We have one of these in our daughter’s room, and she spends many hours writing notes and drawing illustrations for her stories. We love the lift-top design (made to be safe for little fingers), and the clean, classic lines. We couldn’t be happier with this — and the best part is that it really took no time to put together. I’m a little annoyed I missed the sale, but learn from me and grab this deal! 

Recommended age: 3+

$11.89; was $16.99

I never thought I’d have strong opinions on water bottles, but I definitely do: They have to be leakproof, easy for my daughter to use, and bonus points for being cute. For on-the-go adventures, or even just daily hydration, this cleanly designed water bottle is both sturdy and kid-friendly. The lid is especially designed to ward off would-be nooks that get moldy, and drinks stay cold for up to 14 hours at a time, making it perfect for school days or summer camp. The pop-up straw ensures that the water bottle can be tossed in a backpack or purse without danger of spillage. 

Recommended age: 3-7

$21.99; was $39.99

We love these lunch boxes so much that we devoted a whole post to them, but the long and short is that they are well-insulated and sturdy mealtime must-haves that come in all. the. colors (and designs). The five compartments are well portioned for young eaters, and the leak-proof design prevents messes. The latches are especially designed for kids, which promotes independent eating from a young age. Send them to school or daycare, bring them in the car, or just take them outside for a picnic in the yard! With up to 28% off the kids’ lunchboxes, you can definitely grab a couple!

$27.99; was $34.99

One of our editors calls Zip Top her very favorite of all reusable silicone containers for its simple stand-up design, and the easy-to-use closure. Made of thick silicone, these adorable containers (check out that little piggy!) are made to be held by small hands. They’re also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, which makes them quite possibly the best snack solution I can think of. The whole product line is 20% off for Prime Day!

$19.99; was $39.99

Friends, my life improved immeasurably after we got an Echo Dot. That seems like an exaggeration, perhaps? No. We use our Echo Dot daily for grocery lists, checking the weather, notes, and — most importantly — all the dance parties. My daughter knows how to summon Alexa to play yet another Disney soundtrack, which may or may not be a plus, honestly. Alexa has so many functions that it’d be hard to list them all out, but suffice it to say: it’s been a worthy expenditure. And at the limited-time price of a takeout pizza, it’s worth trying out! 

Recommended age: 3-7

$119.99; was $199.99

Another Amazon gadget lifesaver — our well-loved Kindle. We use it for long road trips, small rewards, or even for some family reading time. This version is designed specifically for kids with parental controls and a kid-proof case backed by a two-year guarantee. It comes with a year of Kids+, which gives you access to tons of books, games, music, and apps. 

Baby Gear

$95.99; was $129.99

For those who are inspired to make food for their tiny ones, this kit has everything you need. You can blend and steam food in just one step (and just one button!), then fill it in the included baby food pouches via a funnel system. It takes ten minutes or less to create some nourishing meals, and has an easy-to-clean design that keeps everything streamlined for busy parents. And with the price of baby food being what it is, this could be a good savings for anyone interested in making their own at home!

$74.99; was $99.99 (you save 25% at checkout)

Baby-wearing can make life simpler and way more fun. Take tinies along for errands or hikes with this 3-in-1 carrier with ergonomic shoulder straps and a safe, comfortable design for babies. The non-slip hip seat helps ease pressure, and create a safe place for your child to rest. The carrier and hip seat also separate, which makes this great for multiple caregivers to each carry a child. The grey design is subtle and classic, and Chicco is one of the most trusted brands in the baby care industry.

$303.74; was $449.99 (you save 25% at checkout)

We owned this travel system when my daughter was young, and we loved how streamlined it kept our lives. The car seat clicks easily into the stroller, making it ever-so-simple to transport our child, especially if she happened to be napping. The basket underneath offers extra storage, while the canopy provides plenty of shade during these hot summer months. If you’re looking for a do-it-all system, this is it. It more than pays for itself in peace of mind.

$324; was $399

When I tell you that five years later, we still use our video baby monitor every day (it’s a solid means of communication during middle-of-the-night wakeups), it’s a testament to the value of a great baby monitor. The Miku Smart Monitor system successfully gives caregivers peace of mind, especially since it also tracks breathing and sleep patterns (without any wearables). You can watch your baby through a live video stream, talk to your baby, or play them music. It’s also very secure, offering 256 bit encryption and 2-factor authentication. $75 off is a great savings, especially for a piece of tech that lasts for years!