This Lunchbox Changed My Picky Eater’s Relationship to Food — and It’s 45% Off Today!

published Jun 21, 2021
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Credit: Bentgo

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Before kids, I didn’t have a good sense of what kind of parent I would be, except for one very important non-negotiable: we’d constantly surround ourselves with diverse food that my child would also happily eat — sushi rolls, creamy Indian curries, the salty-sweet Vietnamese food I grew up with. Of course, in the twist of irony we all saw coming, I now have a delightful, enthusiastic child who also happens to possess a desperate attachment to Kraft mac and cheese — and little else. (I love Kraft, so no shade from me.)

We’re trying not to attach too much value, positive or otherwise, to eating at my daughter’s young age, but do I want her to be exposed to more interesting food? Of course. Does she back away from a spoonful of anything new, as if it were a snake with three heads? Every time. 

We recently pulled out my favorite lunch box for kids, the Bentgo box, for a little experiment. (Bonus: it’s up to 45% off for Prime Day) Before summer camp and poolside jaunts, I filled the 5-compartment bento box with a mix of things my daughter loves (baby cheese wheels, apple slices, maybe even a chocolate-covered pretzel or two), along with an item she hasn’t yet adopted (like cherry tomatoes or a bit of smoked salmon). This mix of familiar favorites with something new ensures that she’s satisfied and invited to a different food experience. 

It was a low-pressure way for my daughter to sample some new tastes, almost like a portable charcuterie board. More often than not, the box would be nearly empty when she got home! I won’t say she walked away with a completely revised palate, but that wasn’t the point anyway. All I truly want for her relationship to food is a sense of curiosity, joy, and maybe a little adventure. 

Credit: Bentgo

We love these boxes for their cute prints and kid-friendly closures. They’re leakproof and durable, made to withstand the rattling around in backpacks and cubbies. They’re also top-shelf dishwasher safe, so I can pop it in after use for an easy clean. And with this Prime Day up-to-45% deal, I may have to stock up on more Bentgo boxes for the coming school year. After all, there are over a dozen styles and colors to choose from!

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