Another Surprising Way a Paper Towel Tube Comes in Handy Around the House

published Feb 24, 2023
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Someone holding paper towel roll
Credit: Sarah Crowley

We already know that cardboard tubes from empty toilet and paper towel rolls make excellent craft supplies (tube town, anyone?) and even work well as a vacuum attachment for tight spaces! But here’s one idea for empty paper towel tubes you might not have thought of before, and it’s an especially good trick for small spaces.

Use a Paper Towel Tube to Hold Plastic Bags!

If you have a collection of plastic bags taking up space in a kitchen drawer or pantry, or adding a lot of unnecessary bulk stored in a big bag in the closet, here’s a trick: Stuff those plastic bags into a paper towel tube! A regular tube can hold up to 20 average-sized bags. Fill up one, two, as many tubes as you have bags for, then grab a small storage container to hold the tubes upright. (Or, if you’re on a reusing kick, cut off the top of an empty square tissue box and prop the tubes in there. You should be able to fit five tubes.) Congratulations! You’ve now condensed 100 plastic bags into about a 6-inch-square footprint.

But why stop at the house? Take one of those plastic bag tube holders and put it in the back of your car, next to your car trash can. It can be hard to keep the car clean on long winter road trips (or really anytime because, you know, life!), and you’ll never regret having extra plastic bags on hand to quickly deal with the messes that come up. And storing them tightly in a paper towel tube is certainly the neatest way to keep them contained back there!

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