One of Our Favorite Cookware Brands Just Released the Most Adorable Kitchen Tools for Kids

published Aug 4, 2022
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Credit: Material

One of the best things you can do in the kitchen is cook with your kids. It’s a hands-on activity that they’ll learn a lot from — and they’ll definitely have a ton of fun getting messy! The team at Material, one of AT Media’s favorite small cookware brands, has put together the sweetest cooking set designed for your kids to play with and use in the kitchen. Appropriately named The Kids Set, this collection includes two very adorable pieces — the (mini) Spatula and the (mini) Air Whisk — plus a unique card game that’s all about cooking.

While Material offers a variety of quality cookware, we turn to this brand particularly for their food prep items and tools. Many Kitchn staffers own the Material reBoard cutting board and love its shape, attractive colors, and ease of use. We also love just about every cooking utensil and tool they offer, including the Soft Edge Turner, the sleek Forever Peeler for veggies, and their variety of stunning knives. That’s why we’re confident that these mini tools are not only going to be fun for the kids, but they’ll also be useful in your own grown-up cooking, too!

The entire Kids Set includes both the mini spatula and whisk, as well as The Cook Deck, a fun cooking card game for children. “Our hope with this new collection is simple — that people of all ages spend more time and enjoy the time spent cooking. It’s not about perfecting a skill, but about exploring new flavors and textures. It’s about embracing the mess (or at least a little of it) because the company makes it all the better,” says Eunice Byun, Material’s co-founder.

The Cook Deck is meant for kids of all ages, helping them create their own recipes with cards that include ingredients, recipes, and instructions like “pour” and “combine.” You might even be able to use it alongside a real recipe, like pancakes or chocolate chip cookies. Then let your kids use their mini tools to get the job done.

As far as the tools go, both feature Material’s signature soft-touch BPA-free silicone. The mini spatula is ideal for small tasks like scraping a bowl clean or flipping a single egg. Meanwhile, the mini air whisk is a dream for whisking small batches like salad dressings or scrambled eggs, with six individual loops allowing for excellent aeration. While they do come with the set, you can also purchase them individually for $20 each.

Material’s new cooking set for kids will get the entire family excited in the kitchen. Let your little ones cook with you, keep them occupied with the fun card game, or even put these mini tools to work yourself.

Buy: The Kids Set, $45; The (mini) Spatula, $20; The (mini) Air Whisk, $20