10 Must-Have Hanukkah Gifts of the Year

updated Nov 3, 2022
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Credit: From Left to Right: Walmart, Made Modern, Walmart

With eight nights of delicious fried foods, candle lighting, and of course, presents, Hanukkah is one of my kids’ favorite holidays of the year. Each night after we light the candles, we gather around to share gifts, and each year I try to make sure there’s a good mix throughout the long holiday — some practical gifts, some wishlist items, maybe a book or two, and a few surprises that bring pure unbridled joy. 

In an effort to really make things special over the years, we’ve discovered some truly magical Hanukkah presents. In fact, some are so beloved that we’ve subsequently bought them again to give to friends (I’m looking at you Myth Match Magical Flipbook). Whether you’re looking for the perfect Hanukkah-themed gift or something that’ll simply knock your kids’ tiny socks off, here’s a rundown of the 10 Hanukkah gifts we’ve loved the most through the years. L’chaim!

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TJ Maxx

My girls are enthusiastic crafters, and we always look for Hanukkah-themed crafts for gifting early in the eight days of fun so we can enjoy them throughout the holiday. This DIY shrink art jewelry set from Made Modern was hours of focused fun for both girls, and they loved wearing their creations and even giving them to each other as Hanukkah presents.

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Loog Guitars
was $149.99

My 9-year-old was born to rock, and she has been asking for a guitar for years. Not knowing how to play guitar myself, I knew we needed something user-friendly to get us started. The Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar was perfect because it’s just a scaled-down version of the real thing, and it came with instructional flashcards and a super cute app that makes learning feel like a game.

3 / 10
Pinhole Press

This book may have been Hazel’s favorite gift last year, and it was absolutely adorable to see her light up when she recognized pictures of her sister or grandma, or even the family cat. I love it because the design is clean and bold, and the quality holds up after many, many readings.

4 / 10
World Wildlife Fund

It’s important for us to emphasize the concept of tzedakah, or charitable giving, during Hanukkah, and World Wildlife Federation Symbolic Adoption lets us give back and learn more about animal conservation while bringing home a cute, cuddly critter; you can choose from a barn owl, hedgehog, red fox, and more.

5 / 10
Fat Brain Toys

For a natural-born explorer like Hazel, the Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars were a hit. She wants to take them everywhere, from the woods to the grocery store. And these binoculars are kid-friendly and durable, which means she can take them wherever she wants.

6 / 10
Uncommon Goods

This cool book is a brilliant way to encourage creativity in all myth lovers. Kids can combine mythical creatures from all over the world, from the phoenix to the Kraken, to create fantastical beasts of their very own, and the illustrations by Good Wives and Warriors are out of this world.

7 / 10
Little Passports

Another fantastic option for kids who love to get their hands dirty and learn by doing, the Kitchen Adventures Little Passports boxes arrive each month loaded with tools, recipes, and everything needed to head out on a global culinary adventure; and my podcast-obsessed kiddo loves listening to the ATK Kids podcast, Mystery Recipe.

8 / 10

For our 9-year-old Artemis-in-training, this bow and arrow set is a total bullseye! The foam-tipped arrows make this a safe toy for building skills, and the bow’s comfortable design means this is a toy we all want a turn with.

9 / 10

Last year, at the ripe age of 2, Hazel asked for a skateboard, and since she’s the second child, she got one. Is she landing bolts like Tony Hawk? Not exactly. But outfitted in a full kit of knee pads, wrist guards, and helmet, she’s scooting around the neighborhood and loving every minute of it.

10 / 10

Hazel is absolutely smitten with "Mira, Royal Detective," and she’s also very interested in learning how to tell time, so this cute teaching watch was an obvious choice. The minute and hour hands are labeled to help kiddos learn, and the velcro strap is easy to take on and off independently.