The Contrasting Color In This Kid’s Room Comes From a Surprising Place

published Jan 16, 2024
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Kids bed in pink painted bedroom.
Credit: Lula Poggi

Caroline Ohannessian, an interior stylist and owner of Bohnie and Masia Can Pares, shares a rustic, vintage home in Barcelona with her partner, Martin, and her daughter, Romy. Romy’s room — the biggest bedroom in the house! — features terracotta-colored walls with a contrasting shade of blue-green in a surprising place: the wooden ceiling beams! We love how it highlights the architectural details of the room while also being a bit playful.

“Romy, like me, loves decorating, and I let her freely create her little corners with her decorations,” Ohanessian shares. “[She] loves ‘little things’ and accessories. She has a world of her own that I really like and is, of course, inspired by ours. Quite bohemian, she adores flowers, pompoms. She puts them everywhere! As her world is indeed very busy, I opted for solid colors instead of a wallpaper that we liked … I was afraid it would be too much and not relaxing!”

When You Give Your Kid the Biggest Bedroom

If you think of a traditional bedroom breakdown in a family home, it usually goes like this: the parents claim the largest room while the kids rooms are usually smaller. However, that setup doesn’t work for everyone. “Romy is an only child with a vivid imagination. She can spend hours playing alone in her room with her characters and constructions, which is why it seemed natural to give her the largest room,” Ohannessian says. “The bedroom has never been a place where we spend a lot of time, so the decision [to give her the biggest bedroom] wasn’t difficult, and seeing her grow and thrive in her own world every day fills us with joy.”

Credit: Lula Poggi

Giving Romy the largest bedroom was rooted in how much she values playing in her space. “She spends a lot of time organizing birthday parties with her dolls and characters, her doll’s tea set, etc,” Ohannessian writes. “It’s nice and comfortable to be able to occupy space when doing something.”

Spending quality time together is important for the family, as is having independent spaces to unwind. For insurance, Ohannessian has a workshop, Martin has a music and work studio, and Romy has her bedroom where she can spread out and do crafts (she prefers doing them on the floor rather than the desk!) or play with her toys. One of Romy’s favorite corners, Ohanessian says, is where she keeps her Calico Critters

While Romy’s bedroom is playful and whimsical, perfect for a thriving imagination — it’s still aligned with the rest of the home’s design. To see more of their relaxing space, visit the full home tour on Apartment Therapy. 

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