These 15 Kids’ Storage Beds Have Hidden Depths

published Oct 4, 2022
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Pippa storage bed from West Elm
Credit: West Elm Kids

I knew that having a child would come with a lot of equipment. I’d spent enough time at friend’s houses and building my registry to know that certain things just come with the parenting territory. But until my daughter began asserting her opinion about what she wanted to wear and what tiny, inconsequential pieces of plastic and paper she could not be parted with, I’ll admit that I’d forgotten about some of those elements of being a kid. 

Now, I’m equipped with a house and cupboards and the ability to manage my own storage, but as a child, I was drawn to spaces that were mine to fill and organize (or not). When your child is ready for their first big kid bed, storage beds are a great way to add more of those places to a child’s room. You might have plans for some of the hidey-holes (those drawers are amazing for extra dresser space), but this might also be a way to let your child squirrel away some treasures, keeping the space clean and beautiful, while they continue to delight in their painted rocks and free bookmarks. 

Whether you’re looking for a lot of storage or a little, something more traditional, or a bit different, we’re hoping one of these well-designed storage beds speaks to you. 

15 Kids’ Storage Beds

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West Elm
was $2099.00

There’s probably nothing more classic for a storage bed than the Captain design. I love this one for the sleek look and light, bright feel (is there anything better than storage that truly blends in?) But all the style doesn’t compromise on functionality. There are cubbies on one end, a pull out desk, and four drawers. It comes in both twin and full styles, and is timeless enough to follow your child through the teen years.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $709.99

This bed takes storage to another level. On the surface, it’s an attractive, simple daybed, with two pull out drawers built into the base—already a great choice. But it also folds out into a king sized bed, with the drawers still accessible. While I love the look of the white, it comes in three colors.

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Pottery Barn Kids

It’s hard to beat this beautiful, classic look with fun details like a curved headboard and lathe-turned feet. The drawers at the base don’t draw attention to themselves, but are a great addition to your storage options. This bed also comes in a twin or full, so you can decide the best option for your child’s room.

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Crate & Barrel

This sleek, modern bed comes in a full and a twin size. It might not be what you think of as a storage bed, but the headboard is designed with just enough storage for those books and other treasures that tend to collect in children’s rooms. I love this from a design perspective, and my inner child appreciates the secret nature of the storage.

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Another nontraditional storage option, this beautiful bed comes in two colorways and two sizes (twin and full). The bench on the end is perfect for books, stuffed animals, or other treasures, and can also double as a great spot to tie your shoes. Your child might just want to take this when they move out.

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Pottery Barn Kids

A loft bed is great for so many reasons, but one of the best is all the floor space you save. I love how this one can become its own little room with the curtains, which can help with a quick tidy if needed, or offer a space for your child to customize for reading or playing. The bookshelves are functional and tucked away, for an overall clean look. If you add another member to the family, this bed would also fit a twin underneath.

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There’s a lot of style and storage packed into this bed. Choose from six frame colors, all with the fun modular look. You can opt for just the sliding door cubby, or spring for under bed drawers or trundle. This style also comes in a full.

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West Elm
was $1999.00

With a beach house vibe and oh so much storage, this one is a winner. Choose from full or queen sizes to give your kid some room. You really can’t beat the amount of storage here—there are four total drawers, two on each side, and four open cubbies (also two on each side). This also means that nothing can get lost under the bed (and you never have to worry about vacuuming underneath. There’s also an adorable nightstand that coordinates if you’re feeling matchy.

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Pottery Barn Kids

This bed combines the lush look of upholstery with the functionality of hidden storage drawers. The style is cozy and chic and comes in a variety of neutral, easy to clean colors (you know you’ll need to). This is the sort of bed that you’ll want to keep forever and slide into a guest room when your little is ready for something new.

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The loft bed is known for freeing up space underneath for storage, and this low version is perfect for adding cute boxes or baskets for easy access. Another fun “storage” element is the interactive slide and mini climbing ladder with a tiny rope. It’s such a fun way to get into and out of bed and the whole thing manages to be adorable and yet completely alluring to a little one.

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The Tot

If you’re a little earlier in your bed hunting journey, this modern crib offers sleep with style (and storage) which will last through the toddler years with the included conversion kit. You’ll begin with the traditional crib setup, then use a toddler rail, and eventually a daybed, all with two spacious drawers. Choose from two light and bright colors to complement your space.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
was $329.99

This fun, modern take on a canopy bed comes in four colors. Leave it as-is, or add a drape of fabric, changeable with the seasons or your design tastes. The fun storage element at the end of the bed is perfect for your little reader.

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Pottery Barn Kids

I love this maximalist loft bed for fitting an entire room of furniture into one small space. With the same footprint as a full or twin bed, you have a desk with drawers, dresser with four drawers and cubby style shelves, along with a full-length mirror. If you want to really maximize the space, you can face both the desk and dresser out and add another bed underneath. This bed does it all, and looks great all the while.

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West Elm

Coming in a full or queen, this bed offers clean lines and tons of storage with a minimalist, Scandinavian sensibility. You’ll find four open cubbies (two on each side) and two storage drawers on the front. It’s basic enough to fit in with a lot of existing rooms, but with enough style to stay in rotation for a long time.

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If you have some room and want your room sharer’s on solid ground, consider this whimsical set of twin beds. They each have a drawer at the end of the bed and share a nightstand between them. Add a drape to create a canopy, or leave it open for a fun, modern look. These come in both white and gray to suit your color needs.

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