This Ingenious 2-Minute Hack Turns a $5.99 IKEA Dish Rack Into a Bedside Bookshelf

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Bookworms, the solution to organizing your books isn’t located in IKEA’s storage section. It’s actually located in the store’s kitchenware area. Design expert Medina Grillo discovered a hack that turns IKEA’s $5.99 OSTBIT plate holder into a hanging bedside bookshelf. (Kinda like this vertical bookshelf, but oh so much cheaper.) And in a TikTok, she shows viewers just how easy the DIY is.

First, she takes some self-adhesive hooks and a dish rack (Grillo says you can just use one you already have to cut costs). Then, she attaches the items vertically. And that’s it, a bookshelf that’s space-efficient, renter-friendly, and surprisingly charming.

“This is literally one of my favorite hacks in my bedroom right now,” she said.

This isn’t even Grillo’s first go-round with the hack. She previously used the plate racks to store her cookbook collection, and liked it so much that her latest TikTok shows how she added additional dish racks to accommodate more books.

“More space for all my new books and I can take away or add to the shelf whenever I like,” she concluded.

Some commenters noted that the hooks and adhesive don’t stick to the walls. According to a commenter, the solution is to clean the wall with rubbing alcohol, hold the hooks on there for 30 seconds, then wait an hour before hanging the plate holder.

“Nothing falls!” the commenter said.

Others complained that the adhesive sticks too much and can cause a layer of paint to rip off. To avoid this scenario, Grillo advised: “… next time use your hairdryer. It heats up the glue and it [the adhesive] peels off.”

The plate rack has found a lot of love in the book world. In fact, it was featured at our Small/Cool event earlier this year as a bookshelf! The same process applies; just install the adhesive and hooks, then hang the racks. Bonus: You can even paint the plate holder to make it pop.

This article originally published on Apartment Therapy. See it there: A TikToker Turned a $5.99 IKEA Dish Rack into a Lovely Bedside Bookshelf