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24 Totally Fun Art Gifts for Kids of Any Age

updated Aug 11, 2023
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Artists need plenty of supplies, from paints to easels to crafting goodies. Some kids need art gifts that have a little more structure and direction while others will never run out of things to do with simple crafting supplies. It’s easy to foster your young artist’s creativity with art gifts. Maybe they’re already into jewelry making or you’re trying to help your little one be a little more artistic. Either way, we found plenty of art gifts that will help kids create and unleash their inner Rembrandt.

Art is such a simple way to encourage kids to open up their minds a little bit and to think creatively, which is why we rounded up 24 of the best art gifts for kids that will get their creative juices flowing. Even if your kids don’t show a major interest in art, some of the gifts on this list will definitely pull them right in.

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This double-sided tabletop easel includes a magnetic dry-erase board and a chalkboard. It also comes with a paper roll that fits nicely onto a built-in paper roll holder. This gift is ideal for kids who enjoy writing, drawing, sketching, or playing school.

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Melissa & Doug

With 5 scenes and over 150 stickers, this activity book really keeps little ones engaged. The scenes include a farm, a prehistoric landscape, a desert oasis, a jungle, and the deep blue sea. Kids can constantly change up their scenes or mix and match habitats.

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Melissa & Doug

Let them customize their own wooden race car with paint and stickers. This fun craft kit comes with everything they need to design their working car.

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Kid Made Modern

Wooden pieces, jewels, googly eyes, sequins ... you name it, this craft kit has it! There are over 1,000 pieces total, and the reusable box has compartments to help organize supplies. This is a great starter kit for little ones — or siblings who need a quiet rainy-day activity!

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Kids love using chalk, but not every parent is keen to paint a chalk wall in their house. With this portable chalk surface, they can create and draw, and then parents can easily roll it up and put it away. It also comes with five pieces of jumbo chalk.

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Candle rolling is a fun craft that really allows kids to get creative and display their personalities. They also make fun gifts for kids to create and give away. The kit has enough supplies to make 12 straight-sided or 24 tapered candles.

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Keeping art supplies contained and organized is no easy task. Organize their supplies in this portable folding lap desk.

Please note that aftermarket products should never be used in conjuction with a car seat, so wait until your child is out of a car seat to use this product in the car.

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Super Smalls

Experimenting with beads to create unique jewelry designs is exciting for kids. This kit comes with beautiful beads you won't find at just any store.

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Pom poms, beads, glitter, felt ... this craft supply kit has it all in every color of the rainbow. This kit is ideal for the constant crafter who is always looking for the next activity.

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Uncommon Goods

Your kids can imagine, write, design, and publish their own book. After they send away their finished product, they'll get a hardcover copy of their own story. What a fun way to encourage creativity and literacy!

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Dinosaur lovers will be amazed by the fact that they can create their own dinosaur: skeleton, skin, and all. The kit comes with dinosaur bones for kids to assemble as well as modeling clay so they can bring the dinosaur to life.

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was $29.99

Tie-dyeing is fun no matter how old you are, and this kit makes it easy. The dyes just need water to activate, and you won't need to pre-soak fabrics. This kit makes beautifully vibrant designs that they'll want to keep displaying all over.

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was $25.99

What's more fun than drawing with rainbows? With this Rainbow Scratch Paper set, your little one will have fun making rainbow-colored creations out of this unique scratch paper (and you'll love that it's virtually mess-free!).

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DIY fanatics will obsess over this set of 60 different glitter washi tapes. Whether it's decorating their notebooks for school, designing unique crafts, or scrapbooking, they'll never run out of projects to complete with this tape.

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These gel crayons color smoothly, and their plastic casing makes them ideal for toddlers who tend to break crayons. This set includes 48 vibrant colors to spark their imaginations. Parents may even want to get in on the coloring fun!

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This retro peg light art box allows kids to create their own light-up designs. They can use metallic markers and graphic sheets to create a design and then fill it in with light pegs. Younger kids might enjoy continually creating new designs while older kids might want to design something to display in their room.

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With this inkFLUENCER kit, they can design their own fashion looks. They can choose different models and pieces of clothing and then use the included sticky design sheets to create their style. The light desk even comes with two filters they can use to showcase their designs.

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Magna-Tiles, but make them artistic! Kids can color these tiles however they like to customize their magnetic buildings. When they're ready for a new design, they just wipe it clean and start over.

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Kids can take their coloring off the page when they color these cute, washable pets. And half the fun is in giving them a bath to scrub and clean them off. From there, they repeat the process over again, providing endless entertainment. Plus, it's super portable, which makes it a great restaurant or travel activity.

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Kids love to paint. Parents don't always love cleaning up after a painting project. Try these washable, spill-proof paints! The paint is semi-solid so it won't drip or spill, and it dries quickly.

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was $14.99

The Original Spirograph Design Set makes it fun and easy for kids to make geometric designs. The kit comes with a designer's guide to help kids make the most beautiful creations. This retro toy is clearly back in style, and we can see why.

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was $79.99

Have an artist who loves to draw and sketch? Gift them the SmART Sketcher Projector. It projects an image on your child's paper and provides step-by-step instructions on how to draw the image. The more they practice with the projector, the better they'll get at sketching on their own. They'll be impressed by their own artistic prowess!

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Shrink art is like an art project and science experiment in one. Kids will color their design then watch it shrink in the oven. When it's done, they can add beads and jewelry hardware for an even more customizable end product!

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So often kids love the cardboard box just as much as the toy that came inside, so why not just give them the box? They get to color or paint their cardboard structure and then play inside their own creation.