The $17 Costco Staple I Buy Once a Year and Use Every Single Day

published May 28, 2024
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Tigard, OR, USA - Oct 31, 2023: Closeup of the Costco logo seen at its store in Tigard, Oregon. Costco Wholesale Corporation operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.
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Costco is known for filling its warehouse with oversized offerings, including a 4 1/2-pound chocolate-peanut butter pie, a 10-pound bag of rolled oats, and mini-cakes that are anything but. It’s ideal for stocking up for celebrations and holidays, but it’s also easy to understand why some shoppers stumble at the thought of buying in bulk. Bulk buying is actually the main reason why I adore Costco (I’ve been a member for over 12 years and I have no plans to give up my membership anytime soon). 

My Costco shopping strategy is simple: Stock up on the items that you’ll eat and use every day at the warehouse, and then you’re free to skip the conventional grocery store for days (and sometimes even weeks) at a time. To do this, I regularly fill my freezer with saddle-packs of proteins and frozen fruits and vegetables, and pick up bread from the bakery. On occasion (think: once a year) I’ll also pick up much-needed staples that I don’t have to think about again for months. 

This $17 box of Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech Kitchen Trash Bags is one of them, and it’s the best thing you can buy at Costco this May. Here’s why.

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What’s So Great About Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech Kitchen Trash Bags?

A trash bag is a trash bag, right? Wrong. Kirkland’s trash bags come in a sturdy storage box with two 100-bag rolls. At $16.99 for 200 bags, you’re paying just eight cents per bag. (Non-members can even find them on Amazon for a few dollars more.) That’s a great deal — especially if you’ve ever stuffed a trash bag past its limits (and had to clean up the mess after), you know how wrong things can go if you skimp on this household staple

As the name so clearly states, Kirkland’s are made with “Flex-Tech” so the bags can stretch around trash to hold more without ripping. The drawstring is as sturdy as the bag and helps secure it to a standard 13-gallon trash can, so that the bag doesn’t slip into the can (which seems to happen with cheaper trash bags at the most inopportune times). Plus, the top of the bag is structured and reinforced so the drawstring stays in place with no rips or tears when it’s time to take out the trash. These bags come in unscented and scented options, so you can choose based on your aromatic preferences.

What’s the Best Way to Use Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech Kitchen Trash Bags?

Start by lining your garbage cans with Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech Kitchen Trash Bags. Stash the extras in the box they came in or try one of these smart ways to store the bags: Slide the roll into a clear storage container or place a few in the bottom of the can before lining so that you’re never without a new bag nearby.

Taking out the trash isn’t the only thing Kirkland Signature’s Kitchen Bags are good for. You can use them as garment bags to cover out-of-season clothing to protect against dust and lint. They’re surprisingly useful for cleaning grill grates. And when it comes time for spring cleaning, these kitchen bags are perfect for collecting clothing and household items that you’re ready to donate.

Buy: Kirkland Signature Flex-Tech Kitchen Trash Bags, $16.99 for 200 (13-gallon) bags

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