18 Delicious Ways to Serve Chicken Thighs for Dinner

published Aug 26, 2023
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Chicken thighs have finally gotten their due in the kitchen, and for good reason. They are, in our estimation, the best option for most cooks. They are inexpensive, juicy enough that they are hard to mess up, and lend themselves to all sorts of cooking methods from pan-frying to braising.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make those chicken thighs dinner, don’t worry — we have plenty of ideas. Here are 18 of our favorite ways to make juicy chicken thighs the star of your meal.

Next time you have to prepare dinner for a crowd, pull up this recipe. It’s the right mix of sweet and spicy with the creamy sauce to make it feel special.

Credit: Nick Evans

Never underestimate the power of the combination of lemon and chicken. It is a classic that will impress anyone who sits at your dinner table.

At first glance, maple and mustard might seem like a strange combination, but the sweetness of the maple helps mellow the tang of the mustard and makes for a perfectly decadent sauce.

Using chicken thighs in your stir-fry is a pro-move. The dark meat chicken means it stays juicier and will lead to a more flavorful dish.

Credit: Faith Durand

The paste-like marinade for this recipe comes together in a flash in your mini chopper or food processor, and the chicken thighs cook up quickly, making this the ideal weeknight dinner.

This Indian recipe relies heavily on Chinese influence in the form of the soy sauce-based sauce, but the hot green chilies and tangy vinegar make it distinctly South Indian, not to mention delicious.

If you’re craving fried chicken, but don’t want the hassle or the calories involved in making it, try this “fake” fried chicken instead. It’s made in the oven and the breading is made up of light and crispy panko bread crumbs.

Chicken thighs are ideal for braising since they cook quickly. They are especially great when paired with peppery radishes and creamy small potatoes.

This chicken recipe was inspired by the famous chicken dish from Zuni Cafe. And while the chicken thighs are surely delicious, it’s the bread salad that’s the real showstopper here.

Credit: Kelli Foster

There’s so much to love about this tomato-basil chicken recipe. The perfectly crispy crust achieved by the pan-sear, and the slightly soft yet still juicy tomatoes make this one of our favorite dinners to prepare year-round with really good cherry tomatoes.

Credit: Faith Durand

If you’re looking for a basic recipe, look no further. This recipe calls for a simple seasoning of salt and pepper and takes just 20 minutes in the oven — which is plenty of time to prepare a salad and open a bottle of wine for a low-key dinner.

Credit: Alice Choi

Even if it’s chilly outside, we urge you to fire up your grill for this recipe. The sweet and spicy marinade will make it totally worth it. They make a great twist on traditional game-day wings.

Credit: Lauren Volo

Not only is this dish a crowd pleaser, but the chimichurri sauce is also a great way to use up any herbs that might be lingering in your fridge. We’ll count that as a dinnertime win.

Credit: Faith Durand

This recipe only takes one sheet pan to make since you roast the in-season fennel and chicken thighs together in the oven. A delicious dinner and minimal cleanup — what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for a chicken dish that will help you officially usher in fall, look no further. This decadent pan-seared dish benefits from the sweet of the caramelized figs and a tangy balsamic mustard sauce to balance it all out.

Apricot jam and miso paste might not be a combination you would normally try on a whim, but believe us — the pairing works. The sweetness of the jam and the umami of the miso complement each other so well you’ll be looking for other dishes to use this glaze with.

Sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. Give us any meal that includes plenty of garlicky greens and we’ll be happy. You can swap in kale, chard, or whatever you happen to have on hand for this recipe.

Credit: Andrea D'Agosto

The classic iced tea-lemonade drink inspired this chicken dish. The brewed tea in the brining liquid combined with the roasted lemon slices makes for a perfectly rich dish with just a hint of tartness.

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