The Best Zipper Sheets to Solve the Worst Bed-Making Task

published Sep 20, 2023
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If I never have to fold another fitted sheet — no matter how adorable and cute they are —  it’ll be too soon. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos, and I still get flustered every time I attempt to coax a gathered circle of fabric into a perfect square. I mean, we all remember teaching our kids that the circular wooden block doesn’t fit into the square slot, right? Why should it be any different when it comes to bed sheets? But then there’s the actual act of getting said sheets on the bed itself, which is arguably more frustrating and without a doubt, the worst. My 5-year-old’s bed is flush against two walls, making it hard to get the right angle to lift the mattress, while my 11-year-old sleeps in a loft bed, which presents its own unique challenges for making the bed. Luckily, I stumbled upon zippered sheets, which solve both the sheet-folding and bed-making problems handily. Here are 9 of my favorites.

How Do Zippered Sheets Work?

Most of these zippered sheets come in two pieces. The base sheet wraps all the way around the mattress, staying snugly in place, while the zippered top sheet zips on top of the fitted sheet. Zippered sheets tend to be more expensive than standard bed sheets, but fans love them because they stay in place all night, even for restless sleepers, and they’re extremely easy to change, making them a great choice for tight spaces, heavy beds, loft and bunk beds, and even in RVs. 

There are also other zippered sheets that are more like a zippable pocket for your mattress. These lack the removable top layer, and instead there’s just one piece that envelops the mattress and then zips to stay in place. These are typically more affordable, but less convenient to remove.

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Made of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton, these zippered sheets are available in eight colors and are made to fit mattresses that are 12” deep. Their durable construction means you can count on your zipper holding up after multiple uses.

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Available in every imaginable mattress size (including different mattress depths) and 14 different colorways, these 400 thread count zippered sheets make finding the right size and color for your room easy.

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QuickZip are the pioneers in the zippered sheet space, and they’ve had several years to perfect their product. Their sheets are available in various colors in either a super-smooth satin or a light and airy percale. QuickZip makes sheets in 12 different bed sizes, so you can find the perfect zippered sheets for any size bed. Best of all, now through the end of 2024, you can take 15% off your order with our exclusive discount code CB15 at checkout.

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These zippered sheets don’t have the removable zippered component. Instead, the extra-deep (16”) one-piece zippered sheet is meant to completely envelop your mattress. That means these luxuriously soft microfiber sheets will stay put through the night, no matter how much you wiggle around.

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Pillow Cube
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Not only do ZipFit’s fitted sheets zip into place, but the top sheets also zip onto the foot of the bed, so they don’t get tangled up during the night and leave your kiddo with cold feet. Available in six sizes, from twin to California king, ZipFit Sheets come with a zippered fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillow cases.

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Fitting on top of a regular bottom sheet, this adorable sack zips around your kiddo as they sleep, keeping them covered and cozy, and when they’re ready to make the bed in the morning, they simply zip the bedding, and they’re done. This is a great starter set for creating a bed-making routine each day.

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Zip Sheets

These 100% cotton zippered sheets were designed with bunk and loft beds in mind, and they include not one but two zippers running along the long side of the sheet to make changing the bed super convenient. This set includes the fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow case.

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Made from a cool and breezy blend of cotton and bamboo, Beddy’s zippered sheet sets include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases that are OEKO-TEX Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that your bedding is safe enough for any sleeper. The top sheet zips into place, but what I love about them is that the top sheet also has panels that fold out so you get the same coverage of traditional sheets.

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Ideal for deeper mattresses, these deep pocket zipper sheet sets include one fitted base sheet with two zipper sheets to make changing the bed incredibly easy. The 600 thread count sheets start soft and get even softer over time.