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The Best Gifts 7-Year-Olds Will Love

updated Nov 1, 2023
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Seven-year-olds are amazing. They’re honing their fine motor skills, picking up new words every day, and looking for ways to show off their creativity. Open-ended toys, books, and craft supplies will help 7-year-olds explore their imagination while learning about the world around them. Post-Kindergarten, these kids have leveled up and may be ready for toys and games that present a bit of a challenge and an opportunity to build resiliency.

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Our Top Pick

We think most seven-year-olds will love the change to create their own comic book. This kit lays out the process, with a guide for kids to make their own characters and plots. When they’re finished creating, send off their sketches and wait for their professionally-printed comic book to arrive in the mail!

Toys Under $20

1 / 7

Stickers are great, but stickers you can make yourself are even better. This Klutz kit includes everything kids need to make 60 of their own puffy stickers, including the sticker-making tools and easy-to-follow instructions.

2 / 7
was $12.99

From the mastermind behind Captain Underpants and Dog Man comes Cat Kid and his comic club of hilarious friends. Kids who stay up reading Calvin and Hobbs by flashlight will adore the zany, side-splitting humor in these pages.

3 / 7
was $18.99

Kids love getting to the bottom of a good mystery, and science is full of mysteries to solve. This book will get kids investigating STEM-based clues to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the world around them. Perfect for puzzle lovers and fans of Encyclopedia Brown.

4 / 7

Designed for 2-4 players ages 7 and up, Blokus is a board game that’s easy to learn but stimulating enough for the whole family to enjoy. Kids will develop strategies to advance their pieces and edge out the competition while enjoying a challenging-but-fun family game night.

5 / 7
was $12.00

Jump rope is the perfect activity for burning off some of that abundant 7-year-old energy, and this one, with painted wooden handles that look like little fairies, is as cute to behold as it is fun to use. There's also a super cute dinosaur version!

6 / 7

In a galaxy far, far away, your kids will spend countless hours making their own Star Wars-inspired creations using Perler Beads. By 7, kids are starting to master those fine motor skills, making this the perfect combination of open-ended and creative play just for them.

7 / 7

This quick-playing game for solo players or groups encourages creativity and storytelling, with 9 cubes of different images that work as the building blocks of a story. With over 10 million different possible combinations, this game can be enjoyed countless times.

Toys $20 – $40

1 / 7
Fat Brain Toys

By seven, kids are developing a sense of privacy and personal space, and this combination and key-locked safe will give them peace of mind that their prized possessions are secure from wandering siblings or anyone else, for that matter.

2 / 7

At 7, your child might be ready to try their hand at sewing, and this easy-to-follow sewing kit is a great introduction. Pre-cut, easy-to-use pieces mean kids can jump right in as soon as they open their kits. Don’t like bunnies? Don’t worry! This kit includes materials for kitty, bear, owl, and sloth slippers instead.

3 / 7
Uncommon Goods

These t-shirts combine two things kids love—stuff that glows in the dark and drawing all over themselves! A special luminescent ink panel allows kids to draw right on their shirts using any concentrated light source, like a flashlight (a mini light wand is included), creating temporary works of art that fade after about 5 minutes.

4 / 7

If your child has started borrowing your jewelry, give them some over-the-top costume jewelry of their own. Designed by mother of three Maria Dueñas Jacobs, Super Smalls’ bobbles will ignite a sense of glam in any kid, whether they’re dressing up for an Oscar viewing party or another day of first grade.

5 / 7
Uncommon Goods

If your child has ever asked you (repeatedly), “what should I draw?” this is the game for them. This engaging card game combines subject and technique to prompt kids toward their next work of art.

6 / 7
Fat Brain Toys
was $48.95

Curious future engineers will spend hours arranging snappable metal strips along Snap Circuits Jr’s plastic grid, producing 101 unique projects, from a flying saucer to a musical doorbell. Parts and instructions are color-coded, making them easier to follow for young readers.

7 / 7
Uncommon Goods

If your child loves reading comics, they’ll be thrilled to create a comic book of their very own. This kit lays out the process, with a guide for kids to make their own characters and plots. When they’re finished creating, send off their sketches and wait for their professionally-printed comic book to arrive in the mail.

Toys Over $40

1 / 9
American Girl

I was about seven years old when I got my first American Girl Doll (Samantha, if you’re curious), and it was love at first sight. I poured over the books and toted my doll to friends’ houses for epic play sessions. American Doll’s newest historical character is Claudie, and kids will love her story, set during the 1920s Harlem Renaissance.

2 / 9

Seven-year-olds might be beginning to transition beyond stuffed animals, but Squishmallows are still loveable and extremely popular, and these mini squishes are the hot new thing in the land of Squishmallow. These two soft, squishy friends come with their own townhouse and four furniture accessories.

3 / 9
Fat Brain Toys

Is there anything more thrilling than snagging a toy from a claw machine? My kids never tire of these games, and that’s why I knew they’d love a claw machine of their own. Stock whatever toys your kids love in the provided prize pods, and then let them at it! My kids love Moj Moj, so that’s what I use, but you could include candy, stickers, erasers, or little plushies.

4 / 9

These swings can fit up to four friends, but they’re also perfect for one. My kids call it the ‘magic carpet swing,’ and they may or may not have belted out “A Whole New World” a few times while riding.

5 / 9

This designer tree swing is totally worth the price, as we wrote about here. It's a fantastic, well-designed tree swing that kids love — and that you'll love looking at

6 / 9
was $69.99

These big kids are officially ready for sleepovers, and they’ll love toting this sleeping bag and backpack duo along to their friends’ houses for a night of not exactly sleeping. The cozy pink sleeping bag has a furry lining and zippered pockets to keep kids snug as a bug in a rug.

7 / 9
Uncommon Goods

Perfect for kids who love to help out in the kitchen, these tools are designed with kids in mind, with a finger guard to protect them from cuts, and the design looks and feels like real kitchen tools, helping kids boost their confidence in the kitchen.

8 / 9
was $159.99

Seven-year-olds are ready for a little more independence, and this scooter is a great way for them to zip down the block to play with friends. Durable, bike-style tires; hand breaks; and a wide foot deck are safety features that give confidence to rider and caregiver alike. (Read our review of the Mongoose here.) For a more affordable option, check out the A Kick Razor Scooter ($31.99).

9 / 9

Let kids unleash their inner Artemis with this bow and arrow set, with a lighted bow and a quiver full of safe, suction-cup arrows. This fun set will encourage hours of solo or group play while kids perfect their aim and technique.

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