9 Easy Mug Cake Recipes for Every Kind of Celebration (Big and Small!)

published Apr 28, 2021
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Credit: Faith Durand and Jackie Alpers

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The little milestones in our kids’ lives — like hitting their first baseball, reciting a poem on stage, providing a random act of kindness, or conquering a fear — are moments that deserve to be celebrated. Unlike birthdays and holidays, these brief, exciting moments require nothing but a simple gesture of celebration, like an individually portioned mug cake. 

Here are seven kids’ milestones, each paired with a mug cake for you and your kids to enjoy together in five minutes or less. Assemble together in the kitchen, pop in the microwave, and rejoice in their achievement with a sweet treat. Bonus — we’ve also added two caregiver-only moments that are also worthy of celebration!

Cheers! *clinks mugs* 

For the Kids

1. Facing a Fear

Paired with a Funfetti Mug Cake

Whether they’ve finally reached the top of a ropes course or made friends with the monster under the bed, their courage deserves to be celebrated. The best way is with sprinkles! 

Get the recipe: Funfetti Mug Cake

2. Sleeping through the night in a new bed 

Credit: Faith Durand

Sleeping in a big-kid bed the first night is a strange experience for toddlers and making it through the night is a huge deal. (Or, maybe you’ve moved to a new home, and your little one is adjusting to another space.) Celebrate this overnight accomplishment in the morning with a special breakfast treat filled with oatmeal, cinnamon, and Nutella. We love dessert that can double as a meal!

Get the recipe: Oatmeal Nutella Mug Cake

3. Learning a new skill 

Paired with a Brownie in a Mug

Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Styling: Christine Buckley

We watch our children grow up as they beam over a new accomplishment: reading a book on their own, hitting the baseball without using the tee, or balancing blocks to build the biggest dino-robot. This classic brownie recipe gets the mug treatment, and tastes especially good when topped with ice cream. 

4. Showing kindness 

Credit: Lauren Volo

Kindness deserves praise, especially when acted upon without coaching. When our little ones provide a random act of kindness, the gesture should be acknowledged. This recipe is loaded with fresh strawberries and warm-weather promise. 

5. Accomplishing a big win at school 

School is a kid’s job and it requires a lot of dedication. When hard work leads to a good grade, a performance improvement, or a rave parent-teacher review, our kids deserve praise and continued encouragement. Like a high-five for doing a good job, this cinnamon-sugar treat is a delicious nod to our kids’ performance. 

Get the recipe: Snickerdoodle Mug Cake at Five Heart Home

6. Showing responsibility 

Paired with a Hot Cocoa Mug Cake by Chelsweets 

Credit: Chelsweets

Whether they’re picking up their toys before bedtime, helping with the dishes, or caring for the family pet, kids completing chores without prompting is a victory for the whole family. Make them this rich and gooey chocolate cake, topped with marshmallows and chocolate syrup for a decadent surprise.  

Get the recipe: Hot Cocoa Mug Cake by Chelsweet

7. Turning a bad day around 

Paired with a Lemon Mug Cake

Learning how to manage emotions as a kid is not always easy, especially when they’re having a bad day. This recipe for a bright, lemony mug cake is the pick-me-up treat needed for when they need extra cheer and attention. 

Get the recipe: Lemon Mug Cake at A Few Shortcuts

For the Caregivers 

Caregivers, you deserve to celebrate your own victories too. Below are two mug cake pairings to enjoy without the kids

1. Making it through an epic meltdown

After a long day of meltdowns or rambunctious toddler energy, parents deserve a little moment of respite. These tiring moments can prompt parents to daydream about a kid-free vacation (anyone else?). This mug cake tastes like the infamous speculoos airplane cookies and will send you on an imaginary trip — without screaming kids around.   

Get the recipe: Cookie Butter Mug Cake at Kirbie’s Cravings

2. Just doing a great job

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges that will throw a wrench into your day without warning. The constant change, irregular sleep, and physical and mental exhaustion can make anyone doubt their parenting abilities. Take a moment to yourself with this espresso-flavored mug cake and enjoy the little kick of caffeine, because you’re a good parent; and your kids love you too!

Get the recipe: Espresso Chocolate Mug Cake at Table for Two