4 Smart Ways to Store LEGOs

published Sep 26, 2023
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Father and son sitting on the floor playing together with building bricks
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If you’ve been a parent very long, you’ve probably stepped on a LEGO (or, like, 1200). When your kids get to a certain age, it can feel impossible to keep them all contained and away from your tender feet. But with some organizational strategies, it can be done, and it can be done well, so your feet will be happy, and so will your kids. 

Once you have things organized, you and your kids will have so much more time to be creative and build together, and it can become a joy rather than a chore. Besides, who doesn’t love a little beautiful organization? Your kids will be happy to find everything, and you’ll be happy to have it all somewhere you don’t have to feel stressed knowing you really should put it all away.

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A color-coded bin system.

If you’re looking for closed storage, consider an opaque bin system, either in a closet, stacked in a shelving configuration, or under a table. You can also look for a closed cubby system with lids, or even baskets or square bins are great. There are lots of excellent hacks for IKEA or other furniture to make this work, like this one that uses IKEA’s TROFAST bins as LEGO storage bins.

Zip-top bags.

This hack is especially great for filing away sets that you want to keep together: cut the picture off the box or use the instructions to illustrate what’s inside then use a zip-top bag to organize the LEGO sets in whatever order makes sense. 

Swoop floor bags.

If you’re looking to store loose bricks, these Swoop Bags have rave reviews. Another option is this LEGO bin / playmat that has a similar idea.

A LEGO storage table.

There’s no shortage of readymade LEGO tables in the world, but did you know that it’s fairly simple to turn any table into a LEGO table by gluing some large LEGO baseplates onto the top? You can do this with a table you already have, or choose an inexpensive table (don’t be afraid to thrift or yard sale this find). You can even use a large piece of wood, smooth off the sides, and place it on two organizers for a table that doubles as storage. For more on how to do this, check out this DIY from April from If Only April.

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