Found! The Best Way to Store LEGO Sets Without Mixing Up the Pieces.

published Aug 18, 2023
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A boy playing with LEGOs
Credit: LEGO

I cracked the code on keeping my kid’s collection of LEGO sets neat and tidy — and it only costs $10.

It’s a house rule that the pieces in each LEGO set must stay together and not mingle with those from other sets — other than established play dates, of course. I dread the thought of Mirabel from the Madrigal House ending up in a box with the friends from the Dog Rescue Van. But maybe that’s just in my household?

Here’s the thing about LEGO sets: As opposed to generic LEGO bricks, which can be mixed and matched to make any myriad of creations, the pieces contained in the sets really only work together and thus must be contained together. I craved a solution for organizing and storing my kid’s growing collection of LEGO sets that doesn’t consist of keeping everything stowed in its unsightly (and bulky) original packaging — and then having boxes upon boxes stacked in a cupboard or a closet or under the bed.

Thankfully, LifewithLainee on Instagram showed me this ingenious idea to use mesh zipper bags to store all the individual pieces of a particular LEGO set. Here’s how it works. 

How to Store LEGO Sets All Together Without Ever Losing a Piece

1. Buy a few mesh zipper pouches. I bought this 10-piece pouch set from Amazon, which is enough for 10 LEGO sets. You can get similar pouches from The Container Store.

2. Indicate which LEGO set is going inside. Cut out the front face of the LEGO box and, using tape, affix it to the outside of the mesh zipper bag. Alternatively you can slide it inside the bag. This is essentially the “label,” creating a visual indication of what’s inside each bag. It’s super handy for kids — especially if they haven’t yet begun to read. 

3. Break down the LEGO set. Make sure it can fit inside the bag with the zipper closed.

4. Slide it into a large bin and repeat. Do this until all the sets are neatly packed away.

In my home, we use IKEA’s TROFAST storage (a Cubby favorite!) to house the LEGO sets, lined up in the larger bottom bins. I also like the idea of placing the bagged LEGO sets in a long shallow bin for under-the-bed storage. Picture where your kid most often plays with their LEGOs (i.e., their bedroom vs. a playroom vs. the basement or living area) and store them there for easy access and no-fuss cleanup.

There’s no need to stop at your LEGO sets when it comes to using the mesh zipper bags. The pouches are also great for storing other pieces of kids’ stuff, such as desk supplies, puzzles, arts and craft supplies, doll clothing — you name it.

That’s all there is to it — one ingenious multi-use product, roughly 15 minutes to enact the organization system, and then see-ya later to bulky LEGO boxes and mismatched sets!