20 Gifts Every Caregiver Will Absolutely Love

updated Nov 8, 2022
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mom being kissed and hugged by her kid while opening a gift bag
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As a parent, you’ve probably heard the phrase “It takes a village” about 8,000 times or more, right? Not to say it isn’t true, because wowww do we stan our village. That’s why we’re going hard this holiday season to show our appreciation. To the babysitters, grandparents, nannies, teachers, and more who have stepped up to keep our kids safe, supported, and inspired every day: You’re rockstars. The coolest beans in the world, says my 4-year-old son (who is completely and utterly obsessed with Jory John and Pete Oswald’s fictional worlds, IYKYK!).

And what do you get to celebrate the people who make your world go round? Gifts they’ll appreciate, but, more importantly, gifts they actually want and will be psyched to receive. From dream-filled chocolate boxes that say “Willy Wonka, but make it fashion” to comfy throws that put the “snug” in snuggle, we’ve rounded up 20 presents your VIPs will love!

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There's no better gift to give your jack-of-all-trades caregiver than an equally versatile and water bottle. This sustainable shape-shifting wonder can hold up to 20 ounces of water when full, and once it's empty, it'll collapse down into a perfect little sphere. Plus, the color situation here is H2-Whoa — narrowing down to one or two hues might be the only hard decision at hand!

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Sometimes all it takes to "get away" is a bubble bath and a mood-setting candle in the background. Floral, spicy, and fresh, this beautiful Aesop fragrance recalls the intoxicating charms of Cape Spartel in Morocco, while its neutral pot allows it to blend into any home aesthetic.

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No one can appreciate the beauty of a school supply quite like a teacher! That's why getting them some desk "candy'" is a great way to go. This gorgeous acrylic set can help them create a modern-mod desktop design. Of course, it's just a place to put their pens, pencils, and paper clips, but classroom fashion doesn't have to be an afterthought.

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Artifact Uprising
was $22.00

We repeat: grandparents will never say "No" to a photo book of their favorite progeny! And if the family photos are displayed in a book this pretty, then that's even better. Beyond choosing the size and color of your photo book, you can personalize with a title in gold foil (to highlight a specific trip taken or season spent together) and select a die-cut shape option for your cover to showcase your first photo in the book.

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Pinhole Press

New year. New goals. Same great family. Treat your grandparent, sibling, or cousin to a calendar that makes them smile big every time they pencil something in. Featuring large, easy-to-read text and a wire-o for easy hanging, this personalizable wall calendar — with spots for 12 of your favorite photos — is just the thing to ring in 2022.

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Sips By

This gift set includes enough loose leaf tea to make more than 90 cups, a double-walled glass heart mug, and a gold star tea infuser for easy brewing, plus a thank you card (to toast to their greatness). You also have the option to add on a gift card for their signature Sips by subscription boxes. And for the world's best tea-cher, why not?

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Uncommon Goods

Peanut butter cups, but make them festive — we can't get better than that! Enclosed with 15 handmade, small-batch Belgian chocolate peanut butter cups in uniquely mouthwatering flavors, this box will be eaten faster than all the Reese's are on Halloween. It might help mentioning that there are milk, white, and dark chocolate varieties inside ... just in case they want to share!

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Anyone who loves chocolate and art would happily squirl this box away for a rainy day (because this totally isn't everyday chocolate). Whichever box you choose (i.e. a 12-piece, 24-piece, or 36-piece) promises a medley of European-style ganaches and pralines (with flavors like Basil Lime and Striped Gianduja), plus a rainbow of bold, hand-painted and glossy confections (Pop Rock Praline, Speculoos Cookie...the list goes on). Willy Wonka's gone completely chic with his contemporary, chocolatier and famed pastry chef, Kriss Harvey, and we're so here for it. Oh! And not to worry about the chocolates losing their integrity in transit — all orders ship overnight express from Los Angeles, so your chocolate arrives in tip-top shape.

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For when hanging another masterpiece on the fridge just isn't an option. These adorable gift sets, from the creatives at Cece DuPraz, digitize their art and translate it into embroidered cotton and canvas. Be it a beach towel or a set of towels for the bathroom, a boat tote or even a plush velour terry robe (for the ultimate grandchildren's art collector), it's not just the promise of a gift to come, it's all the precious bonding time that comes along for the ride. Once your little creates their doodle (with the enclosed paper and colored pencils), their babysitter, nanny, grandma, or favorite auntie can follow the ordering instructions to get their personalized gift in the works!

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Hedley & Bennett

If grandpa (or grandma!) handles all things meal prep for your children, then they deserve an apron that means business. Touted as "the hardest working, best looking apron in the world," this one from Hedley & Bennett truly lives up to its name — because it's been tested by Michelin Star chefs and fearless home cooks all over the world. You can get it embroidered, too — which is nice if your kiddos have a nickname for their favorite foodie!

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We'd be shocked if your babysitter or nanny hadn't applied at least one or two temporary tattoos on your kids after school, on vacation, etc. It's like a caregiver rite of passage! But these upscale, artist-rendered renditions are much more trendy and fashion-forward than their kiddie character counterparts (dinosaurs and unicorns, we're talking to you!). Even Kourtney Kardashian and her cohort have been spotted wearing them!

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Sunday Citizen

When it comes to grandparent cuddle fests, the snuggle is real. And that calls for an oversized blanket that's as soft as it is stylish (and with room to share!). The signature snug microfiber fabric blend is crafted to be super fluffy yet breathable, and it stays that way for years. Available in nine gorgeous colors, you can find one that truly fits every room #thegiftthatkeepsongiving

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The Little Market

Teachers take serious pride in their classrooms. After all, they're nurturing young minds all year round, their space encourages creativity and community. Beyond their lesson plans and playful artwork walls, garlands can go a long way for upping their aesthetic game. For classroom parties or festive touches just because, The Little Market's felt and pom pom collections are OH SO CUTE — plus every purchase supports and empowers artisans in Mexico and Nepal.

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Taking care of tinies is a job that necessitates recoup time (whenever possible) — especially during and after a year that's been one for the books. These bath bombs provide a dreamy escape into a tranquil, spa-like experience. Scented with notes of jasmine and rose and infused with lush oils to moisturize, nurture, and soothe skin, this "pill bottle" is exactly what the doctor ordered for a relaxing night in and calm days to come. Throw in their favorite bottle of wine and a note that says "Take two and call us in the morning!"

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Farmgirl Flowers

Have you had a babysitter (perhaps newly graduated from college) or nanny who will be starting a new job soon? Send them off with a stunning parting gift that says "We're in your life forever!" A preserved floral arrangement is not only very in right now, it requires very little maintenance to look good. They can place it in their home or take it to work to decorate their new desk.

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was $74.99

Kids are the best, but they're also germ monsters. At the end of the day, after all the Kidz Bop and Cocomelon Radio plays on Pandora and YouTube snips and clips (educational, of course!), a deep clean to the phone of the one who's in charge is everything. Through an extra sanitizing layer of O3 (ozone) gas and UV light, this fast-acting, deep sanitizing box completely eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria from the items’ (phone, ear buds, sunglasses, keys, etc.) surface and hard-to-reach places in just 10 minutes. It looks really cool and has a built-in charging/power port, too!

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Inspirational jewelry has become mainstream, and we're all about its uplifting origins. For the teacher who motivates and encourages your children to be their best, most authentic and inventive selves: a stretch bracelet like this would truly make their world go round. What's cool about LWP is that each bracelet comes with a tag inscribed with a registration code that can be used to register their bracelet on the Little Words Project app or website. Doing so inducts them into the Nice Girl Gang, a community of women dedicated to building each other up. They can wear it for as long as they want, and then pass it on to someone new (who can use some extra creative vibes every now and again).

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Barnes & Noble
was $17.99

Even if this isn't the "main" gift you go with, it's still a stellar supplement. I've actually gotten the "How to Babysit..." books for my own mom and my father-in-law, and they've read through them countless times with my kiddos. Just another great way to celebrate the bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren.

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was $14.99

Don't get us wrong, coloring is a therapeutic and relaxing exercise no matter what the medium, but it can get tiring and tedious coloring in Paw Patrol characters for the 100th time in a row. Let your caregivers unwind with a pack of fine point colored pencils and something a little more challenging — 30+ floral illustrations imagined by Insta famous muralist and best-selling author, @allikdesign, to be exact. With its gorgeous, hand-illustrated cover featuring iridescent foil, the book is eye candy for any bookshelf or coffee table.

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Williams Sonoma

If your caregiver is renowned for charcuterie artistry, then you can't let another gift-giving occasion go by without serving this board up! As practical as it is elegant, the marble is naturally cool to the touch and helps keep cheese, fruits, and accompaniments at the ideal presentation temperature. The natural stone is hand polished to a semi-luster that sets foods off beautifully. And a heart shape for the win!