The 24 Best Gifts for New Parents This Year

updated Dec 7, 2022
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Parents already got the best gift ever when that beautiful baby was placed in their arms, right? While that’s true, it doesn’t mean that newly-minted moms and dads aren’t deserving of other non-crying and non-pooping gifts of love. In fact, we’d wager that new parents need gifts more than ever before. It’s no easy feat!

So, what can you get the new parents in your life? Things for the baby, of course, but also things that they’ll enjoy together. Speaking from experience, priorities change very quickly when there’s a new little one in the house — and gifts and personal comforts are no longer top of mind when momming and dadding are concerned. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper them with these little luxuries!

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Burt's Bees Baby

When parents say that their first few days home with baby were a total blur, they're not kidding. Save them the struggle of having to run out for better-fitting clothes (true story: my son was born a lot smaller than my doctors predicted, so my husband and I easily ran to the store three or four times the first week or two that we were home to get newborn and even premie clothes).

That's why this Baby Bee Box has us buzzing. Filled with everything they'll need to get through the first three months — clothes, creams, crib sheets, washcloths, and more — it's sweet and super sensible. For every box purchased, Burt's Bees will give back to Save the Children to help families who need a little extra help.

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Solly Baby

Babywearing is no joke. Even parents who swore they'd never "wear one of those" before having children will laugh at the ironic turn of events when they're wrapped up 24/7 with baby in tow. Been there, done that, and should I be back for thirds, the Solly Wrap would find its way onto my wish list (I got one almost five years ago, with my son, and it was game-changing). It's lightweight, buttery soft, and completely breathable (which is nice, especially if you're buying for a first-time parent who might be extra cautious). And since it'll be baby's second home for the entire first year, it's T-shirt soft, comfy and cozy for the wearer and their baby koala.

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Early morning feedings just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini. This compact version of the iconic formula maker is perfect for small spaces and travel. Dispensing 2-10 ounces of body temperature formula to the perfect consistency every time, the new parents in your life will thank you every time feeding time comes around.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom

A great diaper bag is a hard gift to beat and the Twilight Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom is one of the best out there. With features like a clever built-in changing station, internal organization pockets, multiple carrying options, and a felt-lined zippered pocket that is easy to reach while the bag is on your back, this diaper bag is a winner. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's cute to boot, too!

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Cozy, but make it fashion. That's really all any new parent wants in their closet when they're on maternity or paternity leave. That means rethinking the robes, fluffy slippers, and pjs (oh, wait, maybe not those) and treating them to some looks that can easily go from the couch to the corner cafe and back again, like this jumpsuit.

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Tubby Todd

If showers are hard to come by for new parents, baths are practically unheard of. That's why moms and dads who can steal away for a few minutes in the tub really need to soak in the experience. One bundle includes three natural, scented bombs that promise to make their whole bathroom smell like a beach oasis (after all, tropical vacations might not be on the menu for a while). And since they're packed with plant-based ingredients that moisturize skin and only a hint of food-grade color that won't stain their towels or tub, these fizzy treats are nothing but good clean fun for the whole fam.

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Hangry parents aren't happy parents. So, if you can ensure your favorite couple gets a few key meals in during the day, then you're helping out in a big way. Unlike traditional meal kits that still require an hour or two of cooking and cleaning, Freshly does all the prep and dirty work. When their box arrives, all they have to do is heat and eat. Even if you just go with breakfast meals (probably the most important meal for worn-out parents) for the first few weeks, it'll keep their energy levels up when it matters most!

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Tuft & Needle
was $110.00

There are lots of things that end up on the baby registry during pregnancy that don't end up working out when baby is finally here. A white noise machine usually isn't one of them, especially if it uses natural, real-fan noise to provide a consistent soundscape and mute interruptions. If you know the family has a dog who likes to bark at every little thing, you can reassure the parents that you've got it covered. Nap time gold!

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New parents are up A LOT in the first year, and with diaper changes, mid-night feedings, and extra-early wakeup times, most things have to get done in the dark. This adorable, orb-like baby night light is made from soft silicone and ABS materials; it's BPA-free and flicker-free, fantastic for night feeding and diaper changing. And for breastfeeding mothers, it's illuminating enough for night nursing, but dim enough to ease the baby's tension and let them feel safe.

Our favorite part, though? How seamless and uncomplicated the modes are. Flip over to enter sleep mode with no sketchy buttons (amazing when you're already trying to console or keep a baby calm) and with just a simple press, you can adjust both brightness and color tone.

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Abby & Finn

These toxin-free, premium printed diapers (the patterns are too cute) can be delivered to your friends or family members in signature bundles. You get diapers (three jumbo boxes of them, and if you're not sure what size their baby is wearing, you can choose a few sizes), and can add in essentials like hand sanitizer and baby wipes, and then choose their custom delivery drop off (starting at every two weeks, every three weeks, every four, etc.).

You don't have to keep the subscription up, but you can get them started!

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Buying for a city mom or dad? This deliberately minimal diaper bag looks tiny, but it's oh-so-mighty. Boasting thoughtful features like a built-in detachable changing pad (which can be replaced with their first-aid Bou-Boo Bag once diapers aren't in the picture any more #genius) and a built-in waterproof pocket that can keep wet wipes wet or blown-out onesies away from other clean items. There are interior slots for credit cards, cash and keys, and a pacifier hook, and it can be worn as a fanny pack or crossbody bag.

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Erin Condren

One of the funniest memories I have of my nana is finding out how she kept "records" of all of my mom and her siblings' ailments, broken bones, vaccines, rashes, bug bites, etc. Some time in the mid-1960s my mom "had chicken pox, maybe." These days, there are a lot better ways to keep track of medical histories for our kiddos and prepare questions for their well visits. New parents always have those questions that they need to ask the doctor about … and then once they get to the appointment, they've forgotten them. Here's the perfect dedicated place to write down questions, chart up-to-date growth measurements, weights and more. And new moms need to track their own physical and mental health, too!

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was $109.99

Speaking of tracking things, new parents log everything in the beginning, from how long they slept uninterrupted at night to how many wet or dirty diapers they had in a day, how much they ate at each feeding to how many naps they took. It's a lot, period. Using WiFi, Talli tracks all the info tired parents need for pediatrician visits, sleep consults, lactation consults, and establishing routines that work for their family. It can be mounted on the nursery wall or kept on the changing table. Oh! And it’s simple and intuitive for nannies and grandparents to follow.

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Caden Lane

While the parents will be keeping track of all their baby's monthly milestones and Insta captions (loves smiling; hates diaper changes IYKYK), you can make their social snaps fire! Printed on the softest baby swaddles ever, this rainbow milestone calendar can be used to wrap little one up or for flat-lay photo purposes. Just remind them that you call first dibs on any monthly birthday shot — texts or it didn't happen!

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was $21.49

Okay, so this might be more of a gift for the soon-to-be new parents, but it's a great get nonetheless — particularly if you know the pair isn't totally sold on the design they want for the nursery yet. Designer Naomi Coe is no stranger to creating beautiful nurseries or answering the questions overwhelmed parents-to-be often have. She's designed baby's rooms, kid’s rooms, and playrooms for clients all across the country, and has morphed her keen eye for style, function, and safety into a complete guide for nursery styling.

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was $150.00

Bringing home a baby any time of the year is nerve-racking, but when it's during the cooler and then colder months, it's even more worrisome. Flu and cold season, plus a greater threat of RSV for infants in the winter, is enough to put any new parent on high alert. Ease their anxiety with this ultimate nursery staple: a completely reimagined, no mist humidifier, with dishwasher-safe parts (hooray!!!) that helps keep babies happy and healthy without the hassle. Once their baby is 3 months or older, they can use the all-natural, limited edition aroma kit and built-in diiffuser to help everyone breathe easier and sleep better.

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Pottery Barn Kids
was $399.99

"Sorry for the things I said when I was sleep training." Get ready to hear that from your friends a lot once they arrive at that fun tipping point of parenting... Help assuage their separation anxiety and general paranoia with total peace of mind. This smart monitor streams video and audio to their smartphone, allowing them to see and hear their baby's every move (without the need for wires or wearables). And because it works in real-time, locally, it works without a hitch, even if their internet connection cuts out.

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Little-known fact: babies grow fast. More than not, parents find themselves having to "retire" adorable outfits even before their babes have worn them, because they've simply gotten too big for them. Cubbiekit offers sustainable baby basics delivered at every growth stage that can be sent back as clothes are outgrown, to be donated to families in need or upcycled into new items like blankets, cloth diapers, and wipes. If your friends live in a small space or work full-time (and don't have time to shop too often), it’s a great solution for cutting clutter (easily and responsibly) as little ones grow so fast during this time.

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Woof. When babies start solids, it's an exciting yet unprecedented new adventure for everyone. Cooking meals regularly, finding new ingredients they'll love (or at least not throw all over the floor), and making sure all the nutrition basics are covered off on is infinitely more challenging than feeding with formula or breastmilk. Take the pressure off of them with a gift card to Yumi. Their line-up includes blends, finger foods, and snacks all conceptualized by a team of nutritionists, pediatricians, metabolic health experts and James Beard Award-winning chefs and delivered directly to parents' doorsteps. $50 gifts = 1 week of food. If you can go in on a few, you'll give them options - which is great to break things up when the same fruits or vegetables are starting to get 🤢 faces.

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Do new parents need — or even have time — to play in ball pits? Maybe not. But do new parents with one or more kids at home already need one? Most definitely. This luxury inflatable ball pit is the perfect gift to keep kids entertained while indoors (especially during the winter months) and occupied when mom or dad is tending to the baby. Premium crush-proof ball pit balls are available in a variety of beautiful hues and the non-velvet black and white terrazzo pattern just gives us so many ''color factory'' vibes. Once baby is down for the night, parents can pour some wine, sit in the pit, and queue up the streaming service of their choosing.

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Full disclosure, baby books are a great idea, but they're not easy to keep up with. You can change that narrative with one that's just too cute to put down. Beautiful illustrations of teddy bears and whimsical woodland creatures having picnics enhance each collected moment, which helps to create a unique story that parents can cherish with their kiddos for years to come. With a page for their "first scribble," this book acknowledges just how much fun raising kids can be

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was $58.00

Truth be told, bed sheets aren't the sexiest gift in the world — but for new parents, rest probably outranks intimacy anyway — at least in the beginning! These 100% organic sheets and pillowcases are dreamy and just the thing to make the little sleep they do have into a spa-like experience. Made from percale, the linens have a cooler feel that keeps warm sleepers comfortable in any climate, creating better air flow for moms and dads who are looking to avoid the discomfort of hot, humid nights. Postpartum hormones make that a reality anyway.

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La Colombe

If you know two cold brew-obsessed adults who just became parents, they'll love you forever for gifting them their "have a family now" fuel. This non-electrical coffee maker produces a smooth, rich, and delicious cold brew for iced and iced blended coffee drinks — at whatever strength they prefer. So ideal when sleep is in short supply.

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Hatch Collection

For the new mama who just needs to relax, this spa kit provides everything you need for the most soothing R&R. It comes with a bath soak, belly oil, a cooling leg and foot cream, and a nipple and lip rescue balm. Hatch products are made with natural ingredients, so you can also feel good enjoying them.