I Could Never Find the Correct Charger Until I Bought This Ingenious Charging Station

published Mar 4, 2023
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Finding the correct charging cord is definitely a modern-day dilemma. In our gadget-heavy world, everything seems to need constant charging nowadays. For me, it used to be a never-ending hunt to find my phone cord. Then it was the special cords for the smart watch and ear buds. However, nothing could prepare me for the influx of charging needs once I became a mom. Quite literally overnight I suddenly needed to charge a baby monitor, a sound machine, and the breast pump daily. In those frantic early days when my baby and I came home from the hospital, I was finding devices randomly charging on the floor of the dining room because it was the only outlet I could find at the moment.

After one too many frustrating moments hunting down the right cord for the right device, I decided enough was enough. I clicked around Amazon for a while in search of the perfect command center setup for all of our charging needs. 

I stumbled on this 8 in 1 Wireless Charging Station for Multiple Devices. It was the ideal solution because it came with so many options in one compact hub. I was drawn to the fact that there was a specific spot built in to charge my Apple Watch and AirPods. All I had to do was run the proprietary cords for those two devices through the hub and it was all set. I also liked that this station came with a wireless charging dock. My husband’s android phone gets finicky and sometimes will only take a charge wirelessly, so this was a great addition to the setup. The station also comes with a variety of different cable options, all in short lengths to accommodate the compact design. There are cords suitable for iPhones and iPads as well as Micro USB cables and Type C cables. 

Credit: Kristina Vanni

Once I got the command center all arranged to fit our needs, I took the organization one step further. Because it can be hard to tell at a quick glance which cord was suitable for each device, I added little tags using a label maker. (This is another must-have tool in our house.) Now I can quickly grab the exact right cord at the moment I need it. All the charging runs through this station to one plug that goes right into the wall. It not only is so much easier and more organized, but it also looks so much neater without a bunch of long cords dangling everywhere. 

Since creating this setup, I have discovered even more items around the house that need periodic charging. I was able to easily add the unique charger for my Oura ring. And now that my daughter is starting to eat solid foods (and making more messes!), I added a tab to remind me which cord works for the mini cordless vacuum. During this time I also discovered an added benefit to this command center: Because it fits both my husband’s cell phone as well as mine, it has become a place where we can dock our devices and have them out of sight (and, ideally, out of mind) while we spend quality family time together. They are charging in another room while we eat dinner and play with our daughter. So, it’s a win-win all around. The only thing I wish is that I had invested in this command center sooner!

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